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My Make up Touch Up Essentials

Whenever I am out and about, I always put together a small 'Touch up Essentials' Make up kit for my face. The fact is make up can fall apart rather easily. So I like to keep a few items handy to tidy up my make up. Introducing you to 'My Touch Up Essentials'… 

How to Touch up your make up
The Beauty Blender Review
Make up Touch up essentials
How to Touch up your Make up

Face Powder

For on the go purposes I tend to use my 'Revlon Nearly Naked Powder' to dull down the shine and keep things in place. Whilst I do not wear foundation that often, concealer is my best friend and so a powder product is always glued to my side. This particular powder sits quite invisibly on the skin. You can hardly see the product. It doesn't separate or fall off your face and the mirror in the compact is definitely handy. Powders are always going to be the number one item to have ready for your touch up times. They come in especially handy at blogger events where the cameras are always on!

Gel Eyeliner

I love to use Gel Eyeliner when I am on one of those 'Go, Go, Go' days. It pretty much stays put. But even gel eyeliner wears down, so whilst its definitely the last eyeliner standing, it always needs a little bit of a touch up. To me, eyeliner brings a make up look to the next level, so I like to keep my eyeliner in good shape. It needs to look fierce! A pot of 'Maybelline's Gel Liner' is always in my bag. Its a very easy product to work with. 

Nanshy 'Precise Bent Eyeliner £5.95 | LINK

I love to have a small fine brush on hand with me to apply my eyeliner. Its a staple that I cannot leave the house without. And there is one brush in particular that has been using all of my attention. 'Nanshy' are a brand that do fantastic make up brushes. The brushes that I have used from their range are easy to use and they apply make up rather flawlessly. Their 'Precise Bent Eyeliner' Brush is in particular getting a lot of love. Its a very easy brush to use for precise application, which makes touch ups in awkward places less awkward

A Moisturiser

I always have a small pot of moisturiser on hand. Whether it is your hand cream or a sample, there is always one in my 'On the Go' kit. Moisturiser, believe it or not is great at removing make up. If your mascara is flaking or your lipstick has smudged, a moisturiser will come to your rescue. It easily removes make up away from your face and throws in a bit of moisture whilst its working its magic. A moisturiser is also a good alternative to that lip balm that you left at home. It keeps chapped lips at bay for another day. A great multi-tasking product to have with you at all times. 

Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are very cheap to buy and are amazing at multi-tasking. Whether its a quick 'smudge your eyeliner out' touch up or if your using it to help wipe your make up away, its always a tool that I feel every girl should have with them for 'Touch ups'. Get yourself a little stash for the hand bag. 

The Beauty Blender

This sponge works miracles. Its a great tool to use to work concealer into the skin. Its even better at hiding spots and when your concealer is starting to fall apart on your skin, this is a life saver. If your concealer is separating on your skin, take a damp beauty blender and tap it onto your skin. It resets the make up and gives you a flawless finish. Like I said this sponge works miracles. It has saved my concealer on a couple of occasions and it does a very good job! 


What are your Touch Up Essentials?
Feed me with your thoughts! :) 



  1. I was sceptical about my beauty blender at first but oh my they are worth the money! They seriously work miracles, so glad you love yours too :)

    Great post,

    X Emma |

    1. I felt the same way first too. I was very sceptical. Luckily I received this in the Birch box and I fell in love when I first tried it. I swoon whenever they cover my red angry spots! Thank you for your lovely comment! ⛄

  2. I really want to try the beauty blender now! the brush looks fantastic as well, great post!


    1. Both the brush and the Beauty Blender are SO good. I was a bit apprehensive of this sponge at first, but it does a miraculous job of covering redness on the skin. Major Miracle worker! 😍

  3. I've tried similar products to the beauty blender but never liked them, i am intrigued about the original however x

    1. The tip of the sponge is SO good at covering red angry spots. Trust me, you will LOVE this sponge. I was dubious about it at first but I fell in love with it pretty quickly! Thank you for your comment! 😘

  4. I need to make a little bag like this!! That brush looks like it would be brilliant! Xx

  5. I hardly ever use foundation either,it just doesnt sit properly, definitely a concealer girl like yourself! :) I've never thought of cotton buds but am now going to keep a stash in my 'on the go' make up bag! :)

  6. I would always bring along hand moisturizer as well but I never dare to apply on my face! Is it safe enough to try?

    1. I watched a TV show tackle this the other day, whether hand cream can be used on skin and some women phoned into the show and said they used Hand Cream on their faces. As a girl with sensitive skin on my face I personally wouldn't but I don't think it would hurt to try. Your hands and your face are made of the same skin! I hope that helps! ;)

  7. I take a little makeup bag full of Benefit miniatures for touch-ups x
    Laura | A Life With Frills


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