Christmas Stocking Fillers Guide

I have been itching to write one of these and here it is: 'My festive Stocking Fillers Guide'. Introducing you to 'The Christmas Stocking Fillers Guide of 2014'… 

Festive Tartlettes Bath Treats, £4.50 |  LINK

I swooned when I first saw these. ASOS is a good place to find cute things to pop into a stocking. They do amazing Christmas Stocking Filler Guides and lets just say I bought quite a number of them. These 'Festive Tartlettes' in particular really float my boat. These bath treats are from a brand called 'Rose & Company', who have a really sweet Patisserie themed beauty range. These Sparkly Cupcake shaped Bath Bombs dissolve gently to fill your bath with 'Christmas Magic'. The Polar Bear with the Christmas Hat gets to me every time. I love them SO much. 

Big Soup Mug from TKMaxx, £4.99 |  LINK

No stocking is complete without a mug and I think I have found the perfect one! Winter is a time for soups, warmth & snuggles. This mug is no ordinary cup. Its particularly designed to hold soup. Let me introduce you to 'The Soup Mug'. Its huge! TKMaxx is a great place to find things to pop into the stocking. If you spot this mug, bring it home! 

Sleek 'Dancing Till Dusk' Eye & Cheek Palette, £10 | LINK

A Palette is always something a girl would love to see inside her stocking! This year Sleek have really stepped up their game with their latest palettes. These 'Eye & Cheek Palettes' are absolutely beautiful. If your looking to impress, these may just do the trick for you! 'Dancing Till Dusk' has a range of stunning but wearable shades that will get every girl through the winter. Go, go, go! 

Sass & Belle Note Books, £3.25 | LINK

I could not write this post without including these little charming note books. These cute Vintage Floral printed note books are Christmas Stocking approved. They are so cute I could eat them. Add a sweet little message inside to the person you are buying for and voila, a gift with a personal touch

The Body Shop 'Glazed Apple' Shower Gel, £4 |  LINK

A stocking would not be complete without a little Christmas Scented something from 'The Body Shop'. I am in particular swooning over their 'Glazed Apple' Scented range, which is beautiful. I could sit there and smell this stuff all day! A full sized bottle of the 'Apple Glazed Shower gel' is bound to please the girl you are buying for. It is definitely a Christmas stocking must have. 

New look Christmas Deer Socks, £1.99 

It would not be a stocking without a pair of Christmas socks. Having hunted my way through the shops for Christmas Printed socks, I have found New Look do the best ones. They have all sorts of really cute prints in stock but I find this pair of Deer Socks particularly charming. Its festive and there is glitter! What more do you need?!  


What do you want to be in your Stocking?
Share your thoughts with me! 



  1. Some lovely picks here! Want it all!

  2. Lovely suggestions. The soup mug is so cute - I love eating soup in the winter. Keeps me warm

  3. I thought that Sleek palette was a NARS one for a moment then! I love Sleek it's such a good bargain. Also love those bath bombs, adorable

    The Makeup Directory

  4. The Festive Bath Treats Set looks so cute and the Glazed Apple Scent from The Body Shop is my favourite, smells amazing! x

    Beauty with charm

  5. All items are really nice, but I fell in love with the soup mug, it's beautiful and perfect for this cozy weather.

  6. Such a good post! Love the idea behind it too!

    Charlotte //

  7. That palette looks really good. So really helpful ideas x

  8. great picks! really like those bath tartlettes!


  9. Awww boo the festive tartlettes are out of stock! My friend loves that sort of thing and they're very pretty. Maybe I could venture into Lush? I just get so scared of doing shopping that isn't online at this time of year!

  10. I Love your Picks!
    Especially the sleek pallet!


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