Calypso Beauty Brush Review

I decided that today I would introduce you all to another Beauty Tool that has taken up a space in my beauty regime. Introducing you to 'The Calypso Beauty Brush'… 

Calypso Beauty Brush*  £39.99 | LINK

The Calypso Beauty Brush is a sleek and light weight beauty tool, designed to help exfoliate and polish your skin. The Calypso Beauty Brush is battery operated and comes complete with four removable heads, each one serving their own purpose. The first two applicators are brushes with a flat surface and both differ in size. The smaller brush helps to exfoliate your face and give your skin a 'deep cleanse'. Whilst the larger brush works as a 'Body Brush', helping you to exfoliate your body. With the kit comes a sponge applicator that works to 'polish' the surface of your skin and 'massage your face'. The final head is a Pumice Stone, which helps to 'exfoliate and refine rough skin' like your feet, Elbows and knees

The nifty thing about this particular Beauty tool is that you can take it into the shower with you. The heads work better 'to exfoliate' with wet skin. Its Waterproof. I tend to steer clear of the Face Brush because I feel whilst the bristles are soft, they are not soft enough to move against the skin of my face. I have sensitive skin and It doesn't like anything too harsh working against it, so the face brush tends to be a no go zone. I also feel nothing for the sponge applicator. I don't really tend to massage my face and if I were to, it would use my hands not a sponge

I adore the Body Brush and Pumice Stone though. Both work wonders in the shower. I love to work the body brush over my skin with a Shower gel to lightly exfoliate areas like my legs. I use the Pumice Stone to go over any rough areas like my feet and elbows to soften the skin and go over them with a hydrating cream for maximum impact. So whilst two of the applicators are not used the other two are well loved companions to my shower twice a week.  If your looking for a new tool to play with, this may just float your boat. 

*Was given to me for review, but all opinions are my own. 

What is your go to 'Beauty Tool'? 
Do tell. 



  1. great products:)

  2. I've been using the Mary Kay version of this which just comes with the face brush and it is amazing. You get a really deep clean.
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  3. I like the look of the body brush and also the pumice stone, they sound great for getting the body in the best shape x

    Beauty with charm


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