A Serum that Evens Skin Tone

Whilst I absolutely adore my 'Go To' serum, there are times when I do like to dabble. Let me introduce you to a Serum that has been proven to even your skin tone

Pepta-Bright is a moisturising serum designed to improve clarity and even your skin tone. Whilst many serums are designed to provide your skin with another layer of moisture, this particular serum is designed to clear up the tone of your skin. This product boasts results of more youthful and radiant looking skin. This serum helps to clear up pigmentation and redness within our skin tone. 

I consider myself to have rather good skin. There are several very small areas of my skin however that are slightly red, like around my nose. And whilst a concealer does a good job at temporarily hiding it, I thought I would try and see if skin care could be a bit more of a long term solution. The formula is light, cooling and quite moisturising. Whilst it would provide decent moisture for normal, combination and oily skin types, Dry skin types may have to go heavy duty with their moisturiser. The smell could be considered off-putting, it isn't the most pleasant smell. The serum has over the past month reduced the red skin around my nose. What I notice about this product is that it is to be used long term to see the results. You won't achieve the results you want in two weeks. True to its 'boasting' my skin feels fresh, glowing and radiant. If your looking to clear up small parts of your skin, give this a go.


Name your ultimate Skin Care Weapon! 
Do tell. 


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  1. My skin scars super easily and I have a lot of hyperpigmentation so I'm always on the hunt for brightening, evening products! This serum sounds amazing and definitely one I'll have to try!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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