How to: Deal with Spots

We all have those 'Spotty Nightmares'. And I thought I would put together a quick guide to share some tips. Here are some tips to help you deal with spots.

Use an Acidic Toner. 

When it comes to spots, products like these are my best friends. I always find the best way to tackle a spot, is to clean its insides. Acidic Toners are great for spots. It has overnight results and reduces the size of spots very quickly. If you get a lot of white heads, rather then touching your skin to remove them, a cotton pad and an acidic toner will take you far. 


When it comes to spots, it is important to keep your skin clean. And the most trustworthy companion in a spotty nightmare is your cleanser. Whilst this is rather obvious, make sure you cleanse twice a day, at least twice in a row. When you go out your face tends to collect a lot of bacteria from things like touching your skin, pollution and your surroundings. It is important to rid yourself of the dirt that collects onto your skin. Keep it clean sisters! 

Don't rely on Miscellar Water

I am not saying to avoid miscellar waters completely, just do not rely on them as your only cleanser. They are not reliable when it comes to removing make up, so don't depend on these kind of products to remove dirt, bacteria and pollution either. If your too in love with your miscellar water, I advise you to use it as your first cleansing step and follow with a balm cleanser for a second cleanse. Cleansing well prevents spots. 

Don't touch that spot. 

We all know that touching a spot makes things worse. It is rather a difficult task to avoid touching them, it takes training and determination. There are two things you can do to improve this situation. Firstly, if you are prone to touching your skin even on a good day, rely on anti-bacterial hand gel. If your out on the go - Clean your hands regularly. Secondly there is a product called 'Dream Dots' that act as plasters to cover your spots. Its a great way of making sure your spot remains protected and untouched. 

Improve your diet

Not all spots are down to bacteria. Spots can also be a result of what your feeding your body. Food affects the appearance of skin big time. If your eating a lot of bad food, your skin can show the results. Dairy seems to be the main culprit of break outs and spots, so if you are getting an endless amount of spots, I would cut down your dairy intake. Putting good foods into your diet like fish, chicken, avocado and pine nuts can improve the condition of your skin. 

Clean your brushes 

Brushes that are unclean can really cause break outs. Don't be lazy - Keep your brushes clean! Make sure you clean them regularly too. It may help you in preventing spots. 


What is your go to Spot Tip?
Do tell. 



  1. I only use my micellar water to remove the surface of my makeup - it's so important to do a deeper cleanse! Not cleaning my brushes often enough is definitely something which influences my breakouts too. I definitely need to find more time to clean them. This is a really great post!

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  2. I completely agree with the importance of washing your brushes. They hold so many germs! xx
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  3. I love Lush's Cupcake face mask for when my skin breaks out, I've also been trying to clean my brushes more regularly as I know I've been really bad at that recently :(

    Roxie ♥


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