Make up in Two Minutes

There are days where I have to pop some make up on in two minutes flat. Sometimes the situation calls for 'quick out of the door we go' emergency measures. Here is a minimal make up look that takes two minutes to do. 

Concealer: A 'Must be used' Step 

Concealer is definitely a must, especially if I want to look as good as I possibly can in the space of two minutes. I don't tend to stick to a specific concealer, I love switching them up. The concealer I used for this look is the NYX 'Full Coverage Concealer'. Its a cream based concealer, light weight and decent coverage. The shades lean more towards the peach side of concealers, which is great for covering dark circles under the eyes. I apply all concealer with a beauty blender for flawless application. Whilst I am blessed with nice skin, concealer does help to conceal those small red imperfections that love to lurk on my face. 

EyebrowsDon't leave them out

Eyebrows are a rather important part of my make up routine. My brows look sparse without them being done up. So before I leave my house, they need to be filled in. I have gotten pretty used to filling my brows in quickly, so they don't take very long at all. The pencil from '& Other Stories' in the shade 'Worcester Taupe' is a favourite of mine to use. Its quick, it matches the colour of my brows and stays put. Brow pencils to me are the quickest way to get brows done. 

Eyeliner: Tight line those eyes

I am a huge fan of anything eyeliner. Its just the perfect weapon to help shape and frame those eyes and definitely a must have step to include in my make up routine. Whilst tight lining can be considered tricky, I find it very quick and easy to do with a gel eyeliner and a small angled brush. One sweep of the brush across each eye takes seconds to do. Tight lining quickly does take practise but try using a brush and some gel eyeliner. They stay put on the waterline and are a much gentler way of applying tight lining. Tight lining helps to darken those upper lashes yet still look natural. 

Mascara: The Must Do 

Where there is eyeliner - there is mascara. I love making my lashes look as dark, full and healthy as possible and this is not possible without my trusty weapon, the mascara. I love to use mascaras that lengthen and add volume to lashes all in one go. One of my ultimate favourites is the Lancome 'Hypnose Star' Mascara which does a great job at making your lashes look flattering. This is a mascara that will bring out the best in your lashes. 

The Lip Crayon: The final step

I love to add a pop of colour to my lips to brighten up my look. Recently I have been turning to colours that are pink with slight coral undertones. Revlons 'Honey Douce' has been one of my ultimate go to lip products. The colour is a classic rose pink with a moisturising formula that helps to prevent chapped lips during the cold winter season. I do recommend the entire Revlon Lip Crayon range to help put a bit of colour and nourishment into your lips. 


This is the make up that I speedily pop on in two minutes flat!
What products do you rely on?



  1. If im leaving the house quickly i always make sure i have at least filled in my brows and got mascara on! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. You look so pretty even in two minutes. I just can't imagine myself in two minutes makeup haha :)

  3. I love Revlon's lip crayon in Honey. Have taken it with me on holiday many times, as it's also my go to for quick / minimal makeup days. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  4. You look so lovely even with minimalist make up, I'm so jealous! I hate leaving the house without mascara, my eyes feel like peas! x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  5. I with you on concealer. If I don't have the time to apply any other base, I will at least have concealer on! I'll have to try that NYX one out next time, it sounds good. Other than concealer, my quick routine would be: eyeliner (brown, smudgy liner), blush (cream preferably), and lipstick!

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled


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