An Obsession with Rose

I am starting to fall in love with all things the shade of a pink rose. Its turning into a bit of an obsession but I do love a 'Rosy Glow'. Here are three products that will sweep you off your feet. 

No 7 Matte Blush in 'Soft Damson'

'Soft Damson' is a really beautiful soft pink with bright rosy undertones. Whilst this blush has a soft matte finish, it still manages to leave your skin with an uplifting rosy glow. Their line of blushes are perfect for those who want a more natural finish to their look. The formula is light, soft to the touch and is made for easy application. These blushes aren't too chalky or drowning in pigmentation which leaves you with a nice natural coat of colour. Its an impressive rosy shade to add to your collection. 

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in 'Petal'

'Petal' is a gorgeous light dusky pink rose shade, the colour is unbelievably beautiful. If your into matte lip products and the colour pink - This may just be a product to look into. The formulas of the Matte Me Lip Creams are fast drying - very similar to a lip stain, but thicker. In case it may have slipped past you, these dry matte. But they pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation. The colour of these products go on beautifully. If your itching for a bright bold lip that won't move - this is the product you need to grab. They can be slightly drying though, so I would pop this over a lip balm for better comfort.

LAQA & CO Lip Crayon in 'Wolfman'

When I think of lip crayons, I think of sheer washes of colour with nourishing formulas but these lip crayons from LAQA & CO pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation. Whilst the formulas of their lip crayons are still moisturising, these coat your lips with a bold pop of colour. So if your after a lip crayon that carries a bit of an edge, take a look at their range. 'Wolf man' is a light rosy pink with a slightly bright undertone. If you love the colour rose, your going to want to eat this colour up pronto. The colour is just beautiful. 


What are your Rosy 'Go To' Shades?
Do spill them beans. 



  1. Great post! I use Soap and glory sexy mothapucker as my lip gloss which is really good! And i love Mac lipstick! My favourite is russian red! Following you on bloglovin, follow back please :)

    Senay x

  2. I really need to try this lip cream, it looks so stunning :) also the blush looks great! Nice post xx

  3. Oooo love the look of the blush :)

  4. Ooooh I do love a bit of a rosy glow myself! Really wanna try those lip creams! Great picks xx

    Kate | kateemmaloves.

  5. Like 'em all! Looking so cute!

  6. I love the sleek Matte Me shades! They are SO pigmented and the stay for me was amazing! Xx

  7. These all look great! I've been obsessed with pink too lately, but mostly with hot pink! ;) xx
    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  8. The Sleek lipstick looks stunning! Gorgeous picks, I've been obsessed with rosy glows lately. They work perfectly in late Winter! xx
    Elise @ Elise Dopson


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