Three Little Loves #2

I love posting on Sunday and I thought I would introduce you all to three of my Little Loves… 

Glowing Skin

I love my skin to look healthy and glowing. Sometimes on days where my skin is having one of its 'bad days', I use make up to throw a bit of glow back into my appearance. I have a lust for cream highlighters in particular, which sit so well on dry skin. The one  place I cannot leave the house without highlighting is the inner corner of my eyes. They look lifeless without a bit of help. Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes is a great way of making your eyes look more spaced apart. I do love my highlighting products. 

That Moisturising Eye Cream

When I find an eye cream that works magic on my eyes, I tend to stick to it like glue. A very long term favourite eye cream of mine is the Hyaluron Eye Cream from Eucerin. This eye cream is very good at moisturising the skin under your eyes. Its ingredients are also one to drool over - Hyaluronic Acid is rather heavy in this, so welcome some active collagen. And the bonus of this product is that it has SPF within its formula. A well designed eye cream that truly works to help the eyes. Snap this up pronto! 

Charcoal Tooth Paste by 'Beverly Hills Formula'

I never thought I would be blown away by a tooth paste. This is a product that make brushing your teeth a little bit more fun. The key ingredient within this tooth paste is Charcoal, which works wonders at making teeth look whiter. But the most fascinating part of this tooth paste is that it is black. Yep - Black. I may be the only one to find black coloured tooth paste fun to use! This had to be included in my 'Three Little Loves'. 


What are your 'Little Loves'?
Do tell. 



  1. I want that toothpaste!! haha as if it's black!! Xx

  2. I'm looking for a new eye cream heard good things about the Clinique one but this sounds amazing too!! Can pick up both haha :) That highlighter is to die for! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy


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