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We all get those days when things just go wrong. And when your beauty products are failing you, it turns into an emergency. Here are four quick fixes to help you recover from your beauty problems… 

The Problem: 'Your concealer has creased and fallen apart...'

We have all been put into a situation where our concealer has fallen apart and creased. Bad concealer is never a good look. And when it starts to fall apart, damage control is a complete MUST. Whilst concealer can be tricky to keep in place, there is a quick fix to sort it out when the situation is looking dire. A beauty blender is a life saving tool. If you do not own one of these yet, buy one - It will change your life! To fix messy concealer, Pat a damp beauty blender over it. It puts your concealer back into place with just a few taps! This sponge works miracles!

The Problem: 'Your Eyeliner or Mascara has smudged and you are in public…'

This is a problem that every girl suffers from - Smudges from your eyeliner. The amount of times I have looked into the mirror only to see a lovely smudge running around my eyes is too many! But have no fear! If you are out in public with a great big 'make up related' smudge on your face, I have a 'Quick Fix' for you. Take some cotton buds and a hand cream or mini moisturiser and wipe it across the smudge. The oils in these creams will break down the make up quickly without touching the rest of your make up. It will also save you from tugging at your eyes. 

The Problem: 'You have had an allergic skin reaction and your about to go out…'

I have been in this situation countless times - Where you have an allergic reaction to a beauty product just before your about to go out. Its painful to leave the house with your skin looking SO bad. I do however have a 'Quick Fix' for trouble like this. The Avene Soothing Moisture Mask is a miracle worker. This 10 minute mask puts your skin back into place quickly. It soothes, refreshes and calms down your skin so that you can confidently walk out of that door. 

The Problem: 'Your Hair is dull, flat and is having a bad day…'

Bad Hair Days can be quite common for me. Its a pain to deal with each and every morning. I hate hair that lacks 'Oomph'. A quick spritz of 'Charles Worthington's Texturising Spray' works miracles within seconds. It provides your hair with bounce, shine and volume. What more do you need from a hair product?


These are my Quick Fixes. What are yours?
Do Spill the beans. 


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  1. Great tips :) I agree that Beauty Blender is the best makeup tool one can have, I can't be without it! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner


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