The Sunday Pamper

I often treat myself to a good old 'Pampering Session' when I find myself facing a tough week. They leave me SO relaxed. Last Sunday I decided to treat myself to a nice little pamper… 


The first step in my Pamper Routine begins with a bath. Baths are an effective way of ditching stress. A nice, warm soak in a bath can be so relaxing. On Sunday morning I was out to treat myself, so I popped a splash of the 'Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath Oil' into my bath. What I love about this particular oil is its uplifting scent. It is fresh, Zesty and reminds me of garden herbs. The oils also do a lovely job at leaving my skin feeling soft, supple and rather hydrated. It is impressive stuff and a great product to work into your pamper sessions!


Step two is all about showing your skin some love. I love to go straight in with a face mask of my choice. Dermalogica make amazing face masks, my favourite being their 'Skin Hydrating Masque'. It is probably the best moisturising face mask that I have ever come across. If you have dry & sensitive skin, prepare to be blown away! The product is light, cooling and leaves your skin feeling SO beautiful. To make the most out of this particular mask, I like to pop the 'Bioderma Hydrabio Serum' underneath it. If you use a serum underneath moisturising face masks you tend to get better results. That is a top tip for you there…


I love products that can leave your skin feeling refreshed. A great product that I like to use on tired eyes is the 'Vichy Aqualia Thermal Roll on Eye Gel'. Its metal applicator allows you to massage the product into the skin around your eyes. I feel like I am getting the ultimate eye pamper with this product. Its a firm favourite to turn to on those days where I go all out with a little pampering session!


Finally I feel nothing beats a good Pampering session without a bit of nail time. I love to end with my nails looking prim and proper. Painting your nails is rather therapeutic - It relaxes me. On Sunday I used a nail polish from Angelica's new line in 'Pashmina'. It is absolutely stunning. The colour borders on nude and lilac with a fine shimmer and a matte finish. If your going to do your pampering sessions right, paint those nails


What is your ONE rule for a Sunday Pamper Session?
Do spill the beans. 



  1. i agree with you 100%!!! The best way to end a long week is with some "me time" hahaha I love the angelica nail color. I haven't seen that brand here in the US but the color is beautiful! Hugs

  2. Sounds so lovely! I'm just testing out Angelica's new scented nail varnish range. Pretty cool! Lovely post x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  3. Pamper evenings are the best! I love painting my nails too, it's so therapeutic :)
    Elise @ Elise Dopson


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