The Beauty Read: 'Eat Pretty'

Today I am Introducing you to a book that turns beauty on its head. Not many beauty books can grab my attention but this book just so happens to be a page turner. Want to improve your skin? Read on… 

'Eat Pretty' is a beauty book written by Jolene Hart. Hart introduces her audience to the benefits of what food can do for your skin. Years ago I learnt that by eating the right foods you can slow down the ageing of your skin, so you can imagine that when I stumbled across this book - I had to take it home. Hart teaches her readers about what specific foods can do for your skin for example 'Tomatoes defend your skin from UV damage which causes wrinkles, age spots and lines'. Be it ageing, a collagen boost, red skin or inflammation, Hart writes about which foods can help certain skin problems. 

She informs us about foods that can help keep our skin in shape depending on the season. In the winter skin is prone to dry spells, so we should eat foods that can help to keep our skin hydrated. To conclude It is a beauty book that makes you think. It is well written, easy to understand and a fun book to read. If you are as obsessed over your skin as I am, this may be the book to read. Ditch the processed foods and change your diet! 


Have you read this book?
What are your thoughts?



  1. I've heard really mixed reviews about this book as some love it for its simplicity, while others think it should be more in depth about research etc! I really flip flop between buying or not because of this. I'm really glad you liked it though as that's one more tally in the 'liked it' box!
    Thanks so much (:

    Imii xox |

  2. I just downloaded this book. Hope it helps me!

  3. We've always heard if you eat well it shows and your skin really benefits!

  4. I do have this but it's been sat neglected for a while, I need to give it a proper read :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  5. This sounds so interesting, I definitely need to check it out :)

  6. I've been looking at getting this book for ages, now I think I have to buy it!!


  7. This book looks pretty good. Going to read the reviews on Amazon & then make my mind up. My skin must be pretty well protected from the sun though as I love tomatoes!!!!!:)


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