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Once again we visit this months 'Featured Advertisers'. If your looking for a new blog to read you are not going to want to miss this. Introducing you to a pair of talented bloggers… 

One word to describe Katya's Blog is beautiful. Her photographs are just stunning. She captures the things she loves in such a beautiful way. Her blog has a feeling of elegance to it. Style Sprinter is a fun mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle themed posts, so if you are after a beautiful blog to read - Here is my recommendation! My favourite post I liked reading from her blog was '5 Hairstyle Hacks for the Gym'.  Her blog is colourful, light and full of stunning shots from all different angles. And boy does she know how to pose - The camera loves her and so do I! 

Katya's Own Words:

Katya Bychkova is a twenty-something fashion & beauty blogger and writer that lives in New York City. Katya created a StyleSprinter blog as a way to document what happens in her eventful life, from outfit choices to parties and everything in between. One of the people that helps Katya on her creative journey is a fashion photographer Vital Agibalow. Stay tuned as Katya reports about her exciting life & all the beautiful things around her!

Where to find Katya:   Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

I find myself gaping at how Fran can make a simple object or scene look so beautiful on camera. She sees life in a beautiful and colourful way and somehow her blog seems to reflect that. Fran has a way with words. She manages to write in a fun and witty way. Rather then your typical blog posts, hers are funny. They carry wit and are so easy to read.  Franny Mac is a strong mix of Beauty and Lifestyle with a little bit of Fashion. My favourite posts to read from her blog are her lifestyle posts, in particular I love her photos in the 'Columbia Road Flower Market'. Pop it onto your reading list! 

Fran's Own Words:

Hi there. My names Fran and as the name probably gives away, I'm the person behind FrannyMac. Originally a country mouse, I took the plunge and moved to West London. You'll normally find me with either my camera, a cup of tea or a good book in hand. I write about the things I love, namely makeup, clothes and going on adventures! I stumbled upon the beauty and lifestyle blogging community. I discovered some lovely blogs where people not only wrote about what they'd been up to but also the products and places they enjoyed. It sparked my creative side again and was born.

Where to find Fran:   Blog | Twitter | Instagram 


Here are two bloggers who you should pop onto your 'To Read' lists. Support them and show them some love! 


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