The Sunday Edit #3

I thought it would be nice to update you with all the little things going on in my life like 'what has been capturing my attention'. Welcome to another 'Sunday Edit'.

Absolutely in love with… 

0035mm. Now you may be thinking 'what in the bejiggles is that?!'. 0035mm is a shop that I discovered on my little adventures around New York. Tucked away in a maze of little streets, this was one epic discovery. 0035mm is a small Asian Beauty shop that sells beauty products from a variety of Asian brands. They tend to sell products that are ridiculously hard to get ahold of in Europe. I was super honoured to be able to pick up a few bits and bobs whilst I was visiting. Here is what I bought! 

I am listening to… 

...Elastic Heart by Sia. I absolutely love this song. It has become my tune of the week! I have been blasting this song on repeat in my room every morning whilst getting ready for work. What a way to start the day! 


I managed to get a slight pay rise from my job! Its not the biggest pay rise ever, but it is a piece of news that makes me very happy. I guess this means I can stuff my drawers with even more beauty products. The excuses I make..

Addicted to… 

…Strawberry Yoghurt Chocolate. Every time my mother goes to Germany, she always brings back my favourite ever chocolate - Blocks of it! If you have never had the pleasure of trying chocolate with a nice strawberry filling then you are seriously missing out! It is literally the best chocolate ever and I have just finished a whole bar of it whilst writing this post. Sorry not sorry. 


What are you listening to recently?
Leave me with some suggestions. 



  1. Congratulations on the pay rise, every little helps, right?!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  2. I love the photo in this post, it's lovely. I wish I'd have heard about 0035mm before I went to NY, sounds like it would've been worth a visit :)

    Jessica Grace

  3. Hello my dear !! a great layout, I hope you come back to me I have been monitoring the blog love:=)


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