The Sunday Edit #4

Another Sunday, another Edit. Welcome to a little piece of my week… 

A happy note…

Recently my skin has been on top form: Glowing, clear and completely spotless. It is safe to say that my skin seems to love the warmer weather. Its been a while since I last had my skin in good condition. And I decided to celebrate by treating myself to a bit of shopping. Hurray for good skin! 

The joy of this week… 

I would like to sum up my 'Joy of the Week' in four words: Home-Made Jam Tarts. Soft warm pastry with a good dollop of hot jam in the middle. Does anything sound better at this point? Er, don't think so! I went back to my childhood days, dug out the recipe and made some for a bit of fun. They were a pleasure to munch on!

Find of the week…

Its not everyday that I discover a Suncream that works wonders for my skin. Normal suncreams leave my skin feeling greasy and in breakout mode. To say the least, suncream + sensitive skin is a bit of a nightmare. I went and paid quite the price for Khiel's Suncream but it was worth every penny. Hello to the suncream that doesn't break me out!


How was your weekend?
Do spill the details! 


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