The Perfect Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion Clinique

As a girl with dry skin I tend to go through a lot of moisturisers. Some work for my skin, others do not. But sometimes you come across a rather rare find - The perfect moisturiser for dry skin… 

The 'Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion' from Clinique works wonders for dry skin. If your skin feels like a desert dying for a drink, this is your cure. This moisturiser is light on the skin and doesn't feel greasy. Whilst a lot of moisturisers designed for dry skin tend to be quite heavy and greasy, this particular moisturiser is not. It applies lightly and dries quickly on the skin. The formula is light without lacking hydration. I find this product targets, hydrates and soothes dry skin well. Because the formula is fragrance free there have not been any break outs or skin problems relating to sensitive skin. This moisturiser ticks all the boxes. Go ladies, go go go


What is the 'Perfect Moisturiser' for your skin?
Do tell. 



  1. I have the gel version which is for combo skin and I love it! I also have the lotion for winter!

  2. I'm always seeing good reviews of this! It sounds amazing - I really want to try more of Clinique's skincare!

    Jasmine |


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