Five things to do before you hit 'Publish'

Sometimes its best to check through your post before you publish it. Here are five things you need to do before you hit 'Publish'…

1.  Spelling Mistakes 

Its okay if a post has the odd spelling mistake, but to have your blog post littered with them can put off a lot of readers. If its unreadable then people are not going to read it! Make sure you look back on what you have written. A last minute spell check on your post never hurt anyone… 

2.  Add a catchy title

A catchy title can attract a lot more readers to your blog. One of the first things a person will see when it comes to your blog post is the title. It takes two seconds for you to win over or lose a potential reader. Its a great way of drawing attention to your blog! Your title could be a question or a rather bold statement but make it interesting. The best formula is short, engaging and descriptive

3.  Edit the URL

I always think it is important to edit the URL to your blog post. Make sure the URL includes any keywords that are relevant to your blog post. This will help you to Optimise your post. On Blogger the URL tends to be identical to the title of your post, if you leave it alone. If you would like to change the URL, click 'Permalink' on the Blogger side bar, then click 'Custom Permalink' and edit the URL. 

However remember not to go back and adjust any URLS on old blog posts. You will end up with a lot of broken links!  

4.  Link to Old Blog Posts

If there is an opportunity for you to link your readers onto another blogpost - Go for it! Its such a handy way of keeping people on your blog. The more of your blog they read, the more chances you have of welcoming a new subscriber. Think smart and be sneaky! It helps with views. It something I need to do more of! 

5. ALT Tags

You can give every photo on your blog an ALT Tag. This is a good way of improving SEO. Including an ALT Tag onto each of your photos helps them to show up on Google Image. Sounds handy right? When you click on your photo in Blogger, click 'Properties' and then pop any keywords into the AlT Tag. Its that simple! 


Have these tips helped you?
Do share your thoughts. 



  1. This was super helpful, thanks for the great share!

  2. Great post! Always end up forgetting something x
    Glossy Boutique

  3. Such good tips. I only recently found out about the Alt Tag so i make sure i do it all the time now x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  4. This post is really helpful! I always make spelling mistakes. Thank for sharing ^^

  5. Nice post, thanks for the tips

  6. Great post. I've been blogging for a year and didn't know some of this! The ALT tags and the URL edit!

  7. Love this! I'm a new blogger, so these tips are coming in handy!

    Thank you :)

    - A

  8. fantastic tips, all of them. I need to start adding keywords to my photographs.


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