The Suncream for Sensitive Skin | SPF50

With most suncreams I face a war with my skin. Often Suncreams tend to be too heavy for my skin. It starts to develop a funny texture and grow spots the size of a mountain - tonnes of them. Its a bit of a nightmare! Welcome to my solution… 

Kiehl's UV Defence Sunscreen SPF50 is the perfect sun protection for my skin. Many suncreams are often too heavy and too greasy which can result in a whole lot of spots. Kiehl's SunScreen has an SPF of 50 which offers high protection from UV rays. The formula is light, fine and dries quickly onto the skin. The thin consistency of the suncream allows this to feel light and comfortable on the skin. Put it this way- your not left with tacky and sticky skin! What I love about this product is that I have not broken out with a single spot, not once. Since using this product, I have been left with flawless looking skin. Its a product that allows your skin to breathe. I deem this the perfect solution to protect sensitive skin against the sun. Because the product isn't so greasy, your also not left looking overly shiny. I find that this does a great job at protecting my skin from burning in the sun. 


What is your 'Go To' Sun Cream?
Spill the beans. 


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  1. Great recommendation! I normally use the Innisfree eco sun block but I find it can be a little heavy~


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