The Eye Cream Stash

I have a huge collection of eye creams. Somehow I have quite a stash of them. And I thought it would be nice to introduce you to a some lovely eye creams… 

The 'All About Eyes' eye cream by Clinique is a firm favourite. This eye cream comes with two different versions. Each one has a different formula to the other: 'All About Eyes' and 'All About Eyes Rich'. Both of these eye creams are very good. The original 'All About Eyes' is a gel like cream that provides intense hydration for the skin. It melts beautifully into the skin and leaves the eye area looking radiant. This one targets Dark circles, Puffiness and fine lines. The 'All About Eyes Rich' is more of a thick cream. It feels cool on the skin and provides very intense hydration to the under eye area. This cream would be a good one for the Winter. It targets Circles, Shadows, Puffiness & lines but also helps to protect against environmental irritants. 

The 'Creamy Eye Treatment' by Kiehl's is my 'Go To' eye cream. I have literally hit the bottom of this little pot. This is the most moisturising eye cream I own. The 'Creamy Eye Treatment' is packed with Avocado oil which helps to provide the skin underneath our eyes with intense hydration. Its a little greasy at first & does take a little while to sink in but your left with amazing results. Since using this eye cream I feel like the skin underneath my eyes feels thicker & fuller. This eye cream has brought a bit of life back into a delicate area. I love this eye cream! 

The 'Cellular Anti-Age Skin Revolution' by Nivea is the latest eye cream in my little stash. In such a short time this eye cream has won me over. It works as a really lovely morning eye cream. The formula is light but moisturising and has a really lovely formula. This Eye Cream has Hyaluronic Acid in it which helps promote Skin Renewal within our skin. I feel like this eye cream helps me to start my day well. Its lightweight, not greasy and make up sits on it rather beautifully.


Name your favourite Eye cream. 



  1. LOVED this post girl! I have an obsession for eye creams at the moment and am so tempted to give the Clinique one a go, it sounds like my ultimate cream! I'm usingg Malin & Goetz atm which is incredibleeeee. Goodbyeeeee dry dehydrated eyes!

    Jasmine |

  2. Although I love my Kiehl's eye cream, I do feel like I need to venture out into more lightweight formulas or just different ones altogether x

  3. The Khiel's eye cream sounds so amazing, I have heard countless amazing things about it but have still yet to try it!

  4. Eye creams are a must for me, Clinique one sounds really good.

  5. Such a nice and helpful post. I heard a lot about the Clinique eye cream so I was tempted to buy it more than once. I however stuck with regular face creams, but I'd like to change that and buy one for the eyes area.

  6. I'm starting to care about eye creams more, I only have a Simple one just to see how I like an extra step but I think that Clinique one will do good for me in the future!!

    Sara |


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