The Party Lite Candles

I strongly believe that candles bring a lot to a room in terms of decor. A few bright coloured candles can really inject a bit of life into an empty shell. In terms of decorating a room - Candles are definitely a thing! Let me introduce you to some candles from Party Lite… 

The 'Warm Hearts Tea light Holder' from Party Lite is simply stunning. This is a beautiful mirrored silver Heart shaped tea light with small parts of the glass exposed. When a tea light sits inside, the room begins to glisten and glow. The light bounces off of the silver surface, reflecting beautiful shadows across the room. Its a fancy little Tea light holder perfect for cosy nights in, pamper sessions and swish dinner parties. Its screams Oooh la la. 

The 'Universal Tea Light Candles' in 'Iced Snowberries' smell amazing. The scent is light and fruity with sugary undertones. Its a scent I swoon for - daily. I have been happily putting these to great use! My room smells beautiful. My sister has 'stolen' a couple of these for herself too. Its the perfect scent to light up anytime and anywhere. The smell of these will please everyone. Burns for 4-6 Hours. 

The 'Scented Jar Candle' in 'Cherry Blossom' is simply wonderful. Bright coloured candles in glass jars are a great way to bring some warmth to a room. They also add a pop of colour to a white empty shell. They leave a house looking 'cosier'. 'Cherry Blossom' is a very subtle bittersweet scent. There are hints of floral & fruity notes within its scent. The candle is also bright summery pink in colour, ready to cheer up a room. Burns for 40-60 Hours. 

* I was kindly gifted these candles, but all opinions are my own.

Describe your favourite Scent? 
I love to hear your thoughts. 


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  1. I love the silver hear jar!! Cannot wait for Autumn, i have so many candles to go crazy with x

    Abi |


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