The 'Pink Champagne' Eyeshadow Edit

I have quite a large stock of pink coloured eye products. I seem to collect, gather & hoard them. Its a colour I drool over and the shade I wear most around my eyes. Introducing you to three of my ultimate 'Pink Champagne' loves… 

The Water Eyeshadows from Kiko Cosmetics are quite remarkable. The shade '201 Rosy Taupe' is a soft pearlescent rose eyeshadow with a fine & subtle frosty finish. These eyeshadows can be used both wet & dry. 'Rosy Taupe' gives you a soft and subtle wash across the lids if applied dry. Its the perfect shade for an everyday make up look; soft and subtle but leaves you glowing. For a more intense finish apply these eyeshadows with a bit of water and pack it onto the lid. It is just the prettiest Mono Eyeshadow. The formula is creamy, fine and easy to blend. These also sit very well. I find them to be long lasting and very easy to wear. It is a lovely everyday shade to add to your collection. 

The Cream to Powder Eyeshadows from Bourjois are a dream to wear. I adore the entire range but my favourite shade has to be 'Petale De Glace'. 'Petale De Glace' is a stunning Rose Pink Taupe with a silver lilac undertone. These cream eyeshadows have a fine frosty finish to them. The pigmentation of these cream eyeshadows are intense; one swatch will leave you awed. These eyeshadows have a 'cream to powder' finish, meaning that they are slightly drier then your usual cream eyeshadows and they dry quickly once applied. Because of its dry silky texture, these are very long lasting on normal to dry skin types. Its the type of product to wear on a long day out. This shade will leave you with an intense but absolutely beautiful Pink Champagne wash over the eyes. Prepare to swoon. I do every time! 

The Cream Eyeshadow Crayon from Bourjois is another love of mine. 'Mauve Baroque' is a slightly darker shade compared to the other two. It is very much a mauve Champagne with a slight rosy undertone to it. It looks stunning on the eyes. If your looking for intensity - This will be your new love. The Cream Eye Crayon has a soft, metallic shimmery finish with a slightly creamier & more hydrating formula. These again are very good to quickly whack over the lids and go. The formula is stubborn and they are very good at staying put. They do however set quite quickly, so pop it over one lid and blend fast. This is definitely a great product to use on a night out. I get lots of compliments from wearing this shade. 


What is your ultimate 'Pink Champagne' Eyeshadow?
Name one. I dare you. 



  1. I had a look at the Kiko eyeshadows on store recently, they always look so amazing in blogposts, but then I stood right in front of them and none of the colours really drew my attention... Although they did look really nice ;)

    I have a cream eyeshadow from Chanel in the shade Emerveillé, that one is such a gorgeous pinky champagne colour!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. This post is right up my street, so many gorgeous products. The Kiko water eyeshadow looks absolutely stunning x

  3. Oh my gosh I need Rosy Taupe in my life! I need to get more use out of my KIKO water eyeshadows as they really are an amazing formula xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  4. oh my how pretty is this! I could just sit and stare at this all day, bet it looks lovely on the eyelids

    Katie | Katie’s World of Beauty

  5. I was actually thinking about how I don't own many pink champagne eyeshadows the other day, and now you've given me a list of some to try. You should give the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Vintage Blush a go if you haven't; it's a beautiful pink champagne shade.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  6. These are all so stunning - definitely need to pop them on my shopping list! I love the pink champagne tone and each of the formula's you've described sound amazing.

    Amy | Get Glam

  7. These are both such stunning shades! My favourite is from the Too Faced chocolate bar palette, I am not 100% but I believe it's called Marzipan (maybe?) it just looks beautiful on the lids. x

  8. How have I never seen the Bourjois Cream to Powder Eyeshadows! I now need this in my life xx

    Amanda -

  9. I'm not a massive fan of the Bourjois powder to cream shadows. But I do like the Maybelline Pink Gold Colour Tattoo.

  10. I am loving pink champagne shades at the moment! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  11. I love this colour, so gorgeous that will look amazing on so many people!


  12. Great post! My favourite is MAC's Vintage Selection paint pot!

  13. Stunning shades in here! Better grab that Kiko one!! :)

    Sara |

  14. Pink champagne shades are so flattering and beautiful, you have chosen some amazing shades here!!

    ISA Professional


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