Christmas Candles from PartyLite

PartyLite have some fantastic Christmas candles on offer this year. I am swooning over the entire festive range. And I thought I would give you lovely lot a sneak peak. Prepare to drool… 

The Bayberry Glass Jar candle is very pretty. Its gorgeous high pink glass walls and scalloped detailing on the edges make this candle SO pretty. It is a two wick candle that will burn for 40-50 hours and is the perfect piece to warm the home. The scent is fresh and spicy with a slight sweet undertone. It reminds me of pine trees and nutmeg. A beautiful fragrance to light in the evenings. It is a scent that feels relaxing too. 

The Mini Jar Trio comes in a set of three colourful glass jar candles wrapped in cute little snowflakes. All three candles carry a different scent, each representing the festive season. The White candle is 'Iced Snowberries', probably my absolute favourite scent. It smells of sweet berries and sugar - Yummy. The Green candle is 'Emerald Balsam' which holds a fresh earthy scent, like pine trees. Lastly the Red candle is called 'Crimson Berry' which is a sweet but spicy scent. It is said that the scent is a mixture of crimson berries, festive spices & caramel. Mmm delicious! Each candle burns for 20-30 hours. How cute are these?! 

The Snowflakes Tealight Trio are so beautiful. These are small glass jars with a metallic finish and a cute snowflake print. They are sold as a set of three in gold, red & silver. Pop a Tea light inside and just look at how beautiful they shimmer & glow. These add a warm and relaxing vibe to any room. These came with the 'Iced Snowberries' Scented Tea lights - A fresh sweet and festive scent.  

The most enchanting part of their collection are these two charming Deer tea light holders. The two deers come as a two piece set, one bigger then the other. The pair of deers are by no means small in size but they add a cute feel to the room. They are a champagne silver and are cute but classy all rolled into one. I love this deer set - My mother is trying to steal them from me!

* A Note from me  -  I will be doing Blogmas! Expect posts from me every day up until Christmas! 24 days to go

* In collaboration with PartyLite 

What are your favourite pieces from their collection?
Do share those thoughts of yours!



  1. These are so pretty! I haven't actually tried any of the partylite candles
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. All the candles look so pretty, especially the Deer tealight holders. I need them all in my home!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  3. They look amazing <3 Happy Holidays dear :)


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