Stationary by Izzy Ink + Give Away

As a huge lover of Stationery, I thought I would introduce you all to Izzy Inks. Izzy Inks is brand that brings cards to life with their absolutely enchanting illustrations. Lets sneak a peek at her stationery collection… 

She bases her enchanting illustrations around fables by the Brothers Grimm. Each card reveals a different story.  The illustrations are hand made, combining hand cut origami paper and ink. These cards are hand painted in gold enamel to pull each design together. Izzy Ink showcases a collection of cards which are intricate and rich in both colour and detail. The back of the card features a quote from the original fable. These small touches are what makes this collection of cards truly special. The entire range is made of high quality card which is FSC approved. There are five illustrative cards in the collection and are available to buy on Etsy:

  • The Stag card is based on the fable 'Little Brother and Little Sister'. Its charming design makes this the perfect card to use all year round. 

  • A family of Six Swans excited by a washing line is based on the fable 'Six Swans'. Its probably my favourite of the whole collection. Its a very beautiful illustration. 

  • A fish dancing out of magical waves is based on the fable 'The Fisherman and his wife'. The swirling waves is what makes this illustration a wonder to look at.

  • The Cat and Mouse card is inspired by the 'Cat and Mouse Partnership' from the Brothers Grimm. It is a card that is rich in cute little details and perfect for any cat lover. 

  • The Gingerbread house is inspired by the tale of 'Hansel and Gretal'. It is a perfect christmas card to give to your loved ones. It will light a smile on anyone's face.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am giving one of you the opportunity to win the entire set of cards. Enter below to WIN a stunning set of cards… 

The rules: Terms & Conditions

  1. This give away is International. Anyone can enter. 
  2. The winner will be announced on the 20th December at 10pm, UK Time. It will be announced via twitter. 
  3. The winner will be contacted via email. You will have 24 hours to reply. It will be sent to you as soon as you reply. 
  4. You MUST complete all 3 options shown on the Widget to enter. 


Good Luck to all those who enter. 



  1. Those swans are really sweet.

  2. The illustrations are really sweet, they all look amazing! It definitely makes a fab giveaway!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  3. Hola guapa¡¡¡¡ me encantan y me apunto
    Mucha Suerte a todas¡¡

  4. What an adorable giveaway! They are gorgeous and I love Brothers Grimm!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


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