Fun Christmas Wrapping Tips

Last year I left my wrapping till the very last minute Cough Christmas Eve. This year I decided to get creative and up my 'wrapping presents' game; think cute but stylish. I blame Pinterest… 


Where there is Christmas, you will find Twine. Red & White Twine is a lovely way to add a little extra to your gifts. Wrapping twine several times around a gift and tying it in a bow is so CUTE. I often thread a little gift tag through the strand before tying it. Brown twine is also great to wrap with. Pair brown twine with a more natural wrapping paper to achieve a really lovely result. 

Black Gift Tags. 

I am all for the stick on labels or the brown gift tags, but there is something about black gift tags that make a present look stylish. Find yourself a metallic pen, preferably silver or gold and your in business. These black labels match every wrapping paper. I bought my labels from Hobby Craft but you can probably find these anywhere or even make your own. Black card, a pair of scissors and a hole punch will do the trick. 

Chocolate Money Coins. 

These aren't just for eating, they make wrapping paper look a bit more fun. I stuck these golden coins on with double sided sticky tape and they just make every present look SO nice. Stick the coins around the present or tuck it under some ribbon for fun. Speaking of sticking food on presents, Candy canes are also a nice touch to your presents. Whilst I hate eating them, they look pretty when wrapped in twine with a bow. Oh yes!

Add a decoration. 

I love tying in a christmas decoration or a bauble into the twine. They make a cute little touch on a present. If you find some old decorations rolling around, throw them onto your presents. They will make people swoon. 

Stamps & Stickers

If you have run out of wrapping paper, get some plain white paper and go wild. You could make stamps out of potato or cardboard and using paint stamp a pattern onto the paper. Or if you have any stickers lying about, stick them onto the paper and then get wrapping! Its a fun idea for anyone in last minute wrapping mode. 

Fun ribbons from Paperchase.

Paperchase do the cutest ribbons. I bought myself a gingerbread print and some really beautiful metallic ones. You can have a snoop at them here. If your looking for fun Christmas Wrapping Stuff - Paperchase is your go to shop!


I hope this festive read made you feel that little bit more festive!?
Happy Christmas & Happy Wrapping!



  1. I've never thought to stick chocolate coins on - what a lovely idea!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I love your wrapping how cute!! I love twine, I think it looks really festive! xx


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