Finding Inspiration for your Blog

Finding Inspiration Blog

 Today we are looking at finding inspiration for your blog. It is so easy to fall into a slump and loose the will to write a blog post. Here are 5 ways to find inspiration to write your blog…

Write what you would read.  

My first tip is to write what you would actually read yourself. Don't just write a blog post for the sake of uploading on time. Write something that you would click on to read yourself. If you write about the things you are interested in, you will be a whole lot more inspired and active on your blog. Keep yourself engaged in your blog and its content, by bringing out fresh and exciting ideas. Blogging is meant to be fun! It is not meant to be a chore. Use your time to create blog posts that are fun for you to write. I also find that by mixing things up and challenging yourself, you keep yourself engaged and inspired to blog. 


Pinterest is a great way of creating ideas and finding inspiration for your blog. Photos can be a great source of inspiration. I often find myself on Pinterest, pinning photos to different boards and building collages. Pinning photos is a great way of introducing fresh ideas to your blog. One photo can set off 10 new ideas in your brain. It can inspire you to photograph in a new way or introduce new things to write about on your blog. It is an effective way of sourcing new ideas and getting yourself over your writers/ blogging block. If you are interested, here is my Pinterest


Photographs are a form of inspiration for everyone. The phrase 'a picture is worth a thousand words' describes how powerful a photo can be. The photos on our blogs are like a window. Your readers are drawn to the photo first and then the words. If you are unhappy or bored with your photos, you can lose the inspiration to blog. I say be playful with how you style and take your photographs. Get creative, play around with the layout and try something new. Just like writing, make the creative process of taking your photos fun. Don't underestimate how much a good photo can inspire you to write your blog posts. 


Find inspiration in your surroundings. Any blog posts that relates to our current season is fun to read. Its a great way of coming up with fun and exciting content for your blog. You can really take the word 'Spring' in many directions and brainstorm some fresh ideas for your blog. Who knew the weather can be such a great source of inspiration?! 

Life as a blogger

Take things from real life and incorporate them into your blog. Put the things you do as a blogger into a blog post. This could be an event or a fun collaboration you have been involved in. I find its a great way of including your readers in what you are getting up to. You could also use your blog as a platform to highlight any issues that relate to you or the blogging community. Things that relate to real life are easy to write about and can drag you out of your 'bloggers block'.


What are your tips for 'Bloggers block'?
Write them below. :) 



  1. Great tips! Pinterest is a godsend for inspiration :) I always find taking part in blogging Twitter chats helps me come up with a few ideas, too!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. Love this, it was really helpful x

  3. Great post & ideas, will be using this when I get 'bloggers block'!!

  4. Love these tips!

    Kirsty |


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