London Fashion Week: Behind the Scenes

We were invited to celebrate London Fashion Week with Fashion International. I was given the chance to take a look backstage before the show… 

We were lucky enough to take a peak at the hair being done up. 
Trend One: Loose, undone fish tail braid. 
Trend Two: Sleek Tied back in a low pony tail. 
A snoop at their make up table. I got a bit distracted by it… 
Credit: Olivia from 'Beauty from the fjord'  - Selfie before the event started… 

One of the highlights of our experience was talking to Thomas Hills about his work. He was a really lovely man and whilst everyone else working behind the scenes was stressed out, he was calm and very happy to talk to us. Thomas Hills has been working as a hair stylist in the fashion industry for 20 years. We decided to talk to him about any hair tips he may have as a hair stylist, starting with hair recommendations. His favourite brand for hair products is Revlon. And he remains a loyal fan of Babyliss Pro and Kent Pro for hair Electronics. On an exciting note, he has a fantastic project lined up! In April he will be working with Revlon in Paris. He gave us an exclusive scoop revealing that the hair styles by Revlon will be inspired by Game of Thrones. We can't wait for the photos! 

There were two hair trends hitting the catwalk for this show. The first look featured a very sleek, low ponytail tied neatly together. This particular hair trend seemed to pair with more dressy pieces on the catwalk. The second look featured a very organic, free flowing fishtail braid. The style seemed to be relaxed and a little undone. This hair style was my favourite of the two and it seemed to be paired with more casual and wearable pieces.  

Now onto the show. There was a lively buzzing atmosphere surrounding the show, which made the whole runway show rather exciting. The designers that were featured in the show were: Jireh Couture, Cube Estonia, Forever Devine, Sasmitha Dellawa, Aga Couture London, Sonali Malhotra and Omar Mansoor. I would have featured more of their work in this post but on the downside, we didn't get very good seats. In fact our view was pretty disappointing. Whilst I loved the atmosphere, I could only see the top half of their outfits, so I thought I would concentrate more on the beauty trends surrounding this show.


Did you celebrate London Fashion Week?
Share your experiences. 


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