Spring Candles for Mothers Day - PartyLite

Mothers Day is on the way & for those of you who want to give your mother a special something, look this way! Introducing you to a collection from PartyLite… 

GloLite by PartyLite - Berry Blossom (£21.50)

'Berry Blossom' is a rich, sweet and refreshing scent that carries across the room when lit. The fragrance is one of my favourites from PartyLite. This is a two wick glass jar candle in the shade of lavender. It burns for 50 to 60 hours. 

Universal Tealight candle - Wild Lemon Grass (£7.95)

The scent 'wild lemon grass' smell exactly like a sherbet lemon sweet. Its a fragrance that pleases my sweet tooth. These tea lights come in a set of 12 and are the perfect gift for Mothers day. They burn for 4 to 6 hours. 

Butterfly Porcelain Tealight Pair (£28.95/ Pair) 

These Tealight holders are so beautiful. Each cup is delicate and beautiful to touch, made from fine porcelain. The cup is white with bold splashes of colour both inside and out. They are so pretty, I could look at them for hours.

SmartScents Decorative Fragrance Sticks - Peony (£12.95 per set) 

These Decorative fragrance sticks are like a reed diffuser without liquid. It makes less fuss and I am so hooked on them. 'Peony' is a rich, sweet but fresh floral scent that travels across the room. They last for about 30 days and look great on your windowsill. 

SmartScents White Flower Holder (£9.95) 

This decorative flower piece is designed to hold the fragrance sticks in place. Its a nice piece to dress your room with. You can choose from a whole range of different designs from the SmartScents collection. It makes for a really good present for Mothers Day. 

Forbidden Fruits Jar Candle - Fig Fatale 

I am in love with this candle. Despite its dark appearance, the scent of this candle is beautiful. 'Fig Fatale' is a rich but fruity scent that combines a blend of fig, fruits and vanilla. Anyone would fall for this candle! There are four different scents to choose from in the range. The candle can burn for up to 60 hours. 

If you are based in the USA, here is a link to their website. If you are based in the UK here is a link to their website and a link to their Instagram

*These products were gifted to me, however all thoughts are my own

Which one is your favourite?
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  1. The butterfly one is so cute.


  2. I absolutely love the SmartScents White Flower Holder! It's adorable.


  3. I got these as well! :) So obsessed with the SmartScent sticks & holder, it smells amazing and looks really pretty!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord


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