10 Things you should do this Spring

Spring has arrived & whilst I am overjoyed, I have decided to set myself a goal to enjoy Spring to its fullest. Here are 10 Things you Should do this Spring… 

Spring Clean 

Spring cleaning is a great way of cleansing and starting 2016 afresh. Start by going through your make up & Skincare and throw away anything out of date - It is bad for your skin! Spring Cleaning makes you feel good about yourself so invest some time in clearing things out. It will do you the world of good!   

Bake a tart or crumble using fresh fruits

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth but want to eat healthier this season, then try using fresh fruits to bake a tart or crumble. Swap sugar for healthy sweet alternatives like vanilla, honey or maple syrup and enjoy eating lighter but fresh foods. If you are looking for healthier desert recipes I recommend a book called 'Hemsley: The Art of Eating Well'. Its amazing! 

Make Pinata Cookies

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and I found an article 'How to Make Pinata Cookies' which you should all take a look at. If its your friends birthday, this would make a great present for anyone with a sweet tooth or a quirky sense of humour. And think of how fun these would be to make! Anyone want to make one for me? 

Say Yes to things you usually wouldn't

I am a bit of an introvert. I like to stay at home and blog with my cat. But Spring is the season to explore and try new things. Try saying 'yes' to things you usually would not do. The nice weather gives you a great opportunity to create happy new memories. 

Start Walking or Cycling 

If you can try walking or cycling more this Spring. Its a great way to enjoy the sunshine and burn a few calories at the same time. With warmer weather on its way, why not take time to enjoy it a bit more? Try renting a bike and see the city in a different light. 

Take more photos

If your a blogger like me with a nice camera, then you may share my habit of only using the DSLR that I own for my blog. With Spring comes ample of bright, natural light and a great opportunity to bring your camera out with you more. If you want to spice things up a bit, pick a 30 day photo challenge off of Pinterest and get creative with it. 

Eat foods that are in season 

Visit a local farmers market and pick out fruits and vegetables that are in season. Fruits like nectarines, limes & strawberries are in season this Spring and are a great source of Vitamin C. Spring is all about eating healthy and fresh foods that provide your skin with much needed nutrients. And if you are after an inspiring Spring read, I recommend 'Eat Pretty' to you.  

Spend the weekend away somewhere 

Give yourself a time out from your everyday life and spend a weekend away. Whether that is abroad or just away to the sea side, go and treat yourself to some nice memories. Visit Brighton and the lanes for a couple of days or even book yourself a weekend in Paris. 


With Summer soon on its way - exercise. Its a bit of a chore, but you can make exercising a fun activity. Try taking fun classes like Zumba and Yoga or go to the gym with a friend. When you are exercising with a friend, you will have a better time! And then there is the excuse to visit Sweaty Betty or Victoria Secret for some new gym clothes… 

Start a creative Project

There is nothing like a creative project to keep you occupied. You could go all out and add some colour, quirk & spice to a bland wall in your house. Pinterest has lots of inspiring ideas that you can use to start a creative project. One idea is to create some cute rabbit bunting for your room. Use this creative project as an opportunity to inject some Spring into your home. 


What things are you up to this Spring?
Do let me know. 



  1. Ah I love Spring, it's such a motivating time of the year! I definitely want to start taking more photographs out and about. I tend to only shoot for my blog which is something I want to get out of!

    The Makeup Directory

  2. I love this post. It's so much easier to feel positive and get active when it's brighter earlier and into the night. I would love to visit our local farm shop, but it's finding the time :( xx


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