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Different Types Cleansers

Cleansing is one of the two most important steps to a skin care routine. I often find myself picking up various cleansers in the hope that I find a good fit for my skin. Here are my current picks for cleansers… 

Clinique Cleansing Balm
Ren Cleansing Gel
Bee Good Cream Cleanser

The Cleansing Gel

The 'Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel' from Ren has fast become a recent favourite of mine. The gel cleanser is designed to gently remove dirt, make up and pollution from the skin without leaving your skin feeling tight. This particular cleanser feels light and gentle on the skin and is perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin. I love how hydrating this particular cleansing gel makes my skin feel. The formula is thick but melts nicely into the skin. When the cleanser comes into contact with water it creates a lather that helps to strip the skin of any dirt and make up. The formula includes Rose Otto Oil that helps to calm and soothe skin and an extract from Aloe Vera to help retain moisture in the skin. If your looking to experiment with a cleansing gel, Ren is the perfect place to start. They also offer an alternative cleansing gel for those with acne prone skin and it is just as good! 

The Cleansing Balm

I am a huge fan of cleansing balms - Trust me when I say I have a tonne sitting on the shelf. One of my all time favourites is the 'Take the Day off Cleansing Balm' from Clinique. For the price you pay, you get a lot of product. This is built to last you a long time! It is a great product to use for your first cleanse in the evenings as the oils help to break down your make up and it just glides off of the skin beautifully. Cleansing Balms are great at getting rid of your make up without leaving your skin feel tight and dry. If your looking for a cleansing balm suited for sensitive skin, Clinique is your best bet.

The Cream Cleanser 

Cream Cleansers are really nice to use as your second cleanser. Most cream based cleansers help to put moisture back into the skin. The 'Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser' by BEE Good, has become one of my most reached for cleansers. It has a rich, hydrating formula that leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and rather glowing. The formula is full of natural oils to hydrate and honey to soothe sensitive skin. I tend to reach for this cleanser after using an oil based cleanser to wash away any leftover residue. I recommend this to anyone looking to finish off their cleansing routine in luxury.


What are your favourite cleansers?
Tell me your current pick. 


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  1. Your blog is so lovely! I really like the sound of the Rosa Cleansing Gel, I'd love to find a cleanser that works for me, even using baby wipes causes my face to burn and turn red! Which cleanser is your favourite? :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)


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