5 Blogposts You Should Read

I absolutely love reading blogs and today I thought I would share a few of my faves! Here are 5 Blogposts that you should read… 

Blog Design | 'How to add Lines to your blog design' by Bloominrouge

This is one of the most helpful posts I have found in a very long time and a post I strongly recommend you reading if you own a blog! This post is a cheat sheet showing you how to add lines to your blog in various different ways. It has helped me to completely change up my blog design and I am very grateful to Holly for writing this post. 

Healthy Eating  |  'My Go-To Smoothie Bowl (5 Minutes)' by Minimalist Baker

This entire blog is amazing for those who want to start a plant based/ healthy diet. Its full of amazing, delicious and creative recipes that are to drool for. If your looking to scrap processed foods and dairy, this little baker has some amazing recipes to replace them with! My go to recipe right now is this one -'My Go-To Smoothie Bowl'. It tastes delicious! A recommended read for those who want to eat healthier! 

Photography  |  '4 Tips for Brighter Photos' by Kate La Vie

Kate La Vie has some absolutely stunning photos on her blog. Her photos are bright, light and stylish. So when she came out with a post on how to make your photos brighter - I bookmarked it! A great read for those who are looking to improve their photography skills. 

DIY |  'Statement Walls' by A Beautiful Mess

This blog is so nice to read. Its full of recipes, home interiors and fun DIY projects. My favourite posts from their site are called 'Statement Walls'. It has a whole host of ways you can add colour and depth to an empty space in your home. Its quirky, fun to read and a great source of inspiration. Read it!!! 

Quirky |  'Painting' by ColourMeKatie 

This is the kind of blog that you read on a rainy day. Its packed with creative and quirky blogposts that will make you smile. Her photos are always so warm and colourful which often stars a cat called Moo. I have a lot of favourite blogposts from her and I recommend you read more then one, but this is one of my favourites - 'Painting'. Its both colourful and inspiring. Your welcome… 


What kind of blogposts do you enjoy reading?
Leave me with your thoughts.



  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm checking them all out now!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  2. Thanks for this post. I love discovering new blogs! I've recently done something very similar on my blog as well. Come check it out if you get the chance! :)



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