Summer Picks for Cheeks

I thought I would enlighten you all today with a few of my Summer Picks for cheeks. Lets talk blushers 

'The Natural Finish' |  (MAC Powder Blush) 

'Mocha' is a soft dusky pink with a matte finish. The formula is light with even pigmentation and is easy to blend. The pigmentation of this blush is perfect, meaning it isn't overly pigmented. It gives a nice colour to your cheeks without looking too much. Its the perfect blush to embrace the summer with, leaving you with a lovely natural looking glow.

'A golden glow'  |  (Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush)

'Nude Mauve' is a light warm nude shade with soft pink undertones. It is a baked blusher with a very fine, subtle shimmer.  If your not really a blush person, but want something soft and subtle for those cheek bones, then I recommend this to you. Its a really natural looking blush that makes you ooze glow factor! 

'A pop of colour'  |  (Bobbi Brown Blush)

'Desert Pink' is a really pretty bold pink shade with a matte finish. This blush is the perfect pick for those who love to wear bold pops of colour. The formula is light and whilst the shade is bold, its not overly pigmented. You can really build this up nicely to create a nice soft blush across those cheeks! 

'The peachy glow'  |  (Clarins Illuminating Cheek Colour)

'Soft Peach' is a really beautiful soft toned peach with a slight silver sparkle running through the blush. It is designed to illuminate your skin and give you that summer glow. Its a great blush for those who need to perk up their complexion a little. The formula is light, easy to build and applies evenly onto the skin. Its a thumbs up from me! 


What is your ultimate Summer pick for Cheeks?
Leave your thoughts below. 



  1. What beautiful picks! I especially love the max factor shade :)

    Lotte |

  2. Mocha looks lovely! I really like matte finish blushers.

  3. Gorgeous blog, gorgeous post!


  4. I still haven't got round to trying the Max Factor creme puff blushers, they look so beautiful! The natural Finish looks like a perfect everyday blush.

    corrie |

  5. interesting post

    Reiss collection (final reductions)

  6. These all look beautiful! This Summer I have been wearing a lot of Tarte Captivating and Mac Peachykeen!

    Abby Talks


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