4 Tips For Stressed Skin

Its cold and finally winter has arrived. You may find yourself on the warpath with your skin. Today I deliver you '4 Tips for Stressed Skin'. Don't Stress… 

Don't Stress Eat. Instead eat well. 

When I am stressed, I know very well that I reach for all foods bad. And whilst eating 'comfort food' is a way to de-stress, it doesn't do your skin any favours. Your diet impacts your skin! Not eating correctly and reaching for a whole box of dairy products can lead to break outs, dry flakey patches and dull looking skin. Instead snack on things that taste great but are completely healthy for you like raspberries, apples and pears. These are in season and taste epic. They are also foods that give your skin amazing results. Its harder said then done to leave junk food at the supermarket, but completely worth it for clear glowing skin. 

Face Oils. 

Every body should have at least one face oil in their life. They brighten, lift and allow your skin to glow. Stressful situations like an upcoming deadline at work can cause your skin to go a bit all over the place. But a good face oil like the 'Divine Face Oil' from Antipodes can really lift tired and stressed skin. Face Oils designed to help stressed skin are great for soothing and nourishing tired skin. If you are stressed, add a face oil into your skin care routine. They aren't too greasy and tend to dry very quickly without leaving a film on your skin. 

Do something that relieves your stress. 

Doing something to relieve your stress is a great way of helping out your skin. Whether its a fun exercise class like Zumba or a home made face mask with cucumbers on your eyes - do something to help minimise stress! Take some time out and have a little time to yourself. I promise it will help your skin out loads. Try not to take on too much this winter and leave yourself as stress free as possible. Slipper socks for the cold are a must too. 

Skin care that soothes. 

If your skin is stumbling down a rocky road, its time to crack out the skincare that aims to 'soothe' your skin. Skin care brands like Avene, Clinique and Aveeno have some great products to help soothe stressed skin. I would invest some money into a Soothing Face Mask like the one from Avene. These are great to pop on when your skin is going downhill. Trust me! I also find a fine face mist is an essential for the handbag. If your skin is having a low moment, treat it to a fine spritz of face mist spray.


What tips do you recommend for Stressed Skin?
Leave them with me below. I love a good skincare secret! 


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  1. I find that using coconut oil really helps my skin when its stressed and breaking out. It also stops spots from scarring as much which is great!



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