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Wondering what I have been up to recently? Well ponder no more. I have been on a bit of a travelling spree and I thought I would give you all a little sneak peak 


Mind the hair! It was a windy day and when its that hot out there, Up it goes!!! 


Recently I have been doing quite a bit of travelling. The first place I found myself in was North Carolina. Whilst I was there for a family wedding, I was able to explore its coast and take a few little snapshots whilst I was at it. The weather was warm. The town was dressed and ready for Halloween. I think those pumpkins give it away and they really go all out over in North Carolina. The people were so friendly and I found myself falling for the charming town of Wilmington. 

Jamaica was stunning. I was greeted with clear, green waters, white sandy beaches and mountains covered in trees. The people are so friendly and the lifestyle is very laid back. Just walking into the warm waters of the sea, if you looked hard enough you could find a whole lot of starfish on the ocean floor. Little white crabs would pop out of the sands of the beach from time to time and dare I say it, 'They were cute'. I swam with a dolphin, dived off of a cliff at Rick's Cafe and Walked up a waterfall. If your looking for an amazing holiday - Its Jamaica


I hope you all enjoyed snooping at my travelling adventures. 
Name one place in the world that is a MUST SEE


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  1. Japan! I visited Tokyo last year and it was amazing! So much I didn't get to do so I plan on going back at some point. Would love to visit Canada one day :D x


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