Apocalips ~ To love or not to love?

Think fierce, Sassy and completely mind blowing. This is the new liquid Lipstick range that has taken London by storm. Introducing you to Rimmel's Apocolips Lip Lacquers… 

'Big Bang' is a beautiful bright, sassy, on fire red. It is so bright it borders on a red toned orange. It is very much a pin up girls kind of 50's red. These liquid Lipsticks are thin and light on the lips. The formula is however ridiculously hydrating and tends to stay moisturising for long lengths of time. However I do find these to be a bit of a nightmare to wear out. Whilst the colour is shockingly beautiful, I must stress that the colour does transfer onto your teeth and your food. I am the sort of girl that does not like to faff around with lipstick. Anything high maintenance gets left in the back of the drawer. So I cannot see this getting much use! 


What are your thoughts on the 'Apocolips' range?
Do spill those beans. 



  1. Holy moly that is a fabulous RED. Great blog post!


  2. Everybody talks about this one, must be something special!

    /Stephanie / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com

  3. This was probably the most honest review I've read so far on this product; I don't think I can deal with the hassle of it slipping off all over the place, but that color payoff is amazing :) Nice post.



  4. Agreed with this being the most honest review, I have one and I'm really not believing the hype, although the colours are amazing.




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