Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer

I find it ever so hard to find a foundation suited to my skin!
A foundation that doesn't cling to those dry patches that like to terrorise my skin and give me that flawless finish. Something that last ages on me and rather then showing up my imperfect skin, hide it instead! Yeah it is so tricky!

SO when I picked up this Bourjois Healthy mix AKA a gel foundation, I was not expecting anything too special. But the world works wonders and I think I have found a perfect drugstore foundation for me! I was pretty scared of the term gel foundation...but ladies this stuff is glorious!

This beauty glides right over my skin, if there is a dry patch ~ It glides right over it and hides it. It is magical. It smells nice, feels nice and makes my skin look absolutely perfect! I tend to use my buffing brush from Real Techniques for smooth and flawless application! Something that I have found hard with other drugstore foundations. I find myself reaching more and more for high end foundation. And woah there, it doesn't come cheap. So this Bourjois ended up being just absolutely perfect for my skin and my situation. If you struggle with those horrid dry patches like me and want something not so expensive to help cover it I suggest you ladies go ahead and grab some of this. The results are surprising! And this product really excites me!

I find that this bourjois healthy mix foundation is very similar to  my chanel vitalumier foundation, not identical but definately similar. Which I love because the chanel vitalumier is a holy grail. But then I think this foundation has become holy grail too! 

I think this stays on for ages. Really does stay on for the whole day. I would not know about the 16 hours that they promised because I do not exactly time myself but I feel this does last a long time. For those who do want it to last a full 16 hours, I suggest a good primer ~ Urban Decay do good ones!

 The finish for this is semi-matt. It gives a nice medium between dewy and glowing and matt. I really love the way it looks on my face. I feel that it is absolutely perfect. It blends into skin fabulously and really gives you that flawless complexion. Unfortunately is has not got an SPF, but as long as your primer or moisturiser do there is no problem! I bought this in the shade 51 and I have been loving how close to my colour this seems to match. I always have this problem of it being a little bit too light or a tad too dark for my skin tone. It is still really wearable but it is nice to find something that really is nearly identical to the colour of my skin tone.

TO pair with this, I bought the healthy mix concealer. It has the same finish as the foundation but obviously has a higher coverage. It again does not stick to dry patches so the areas around my nose tend to look flawless and beautiful. This is definately worth buying. It lasts as long as the foundation does and glides over dry patches so nicely it stuns me. Especially from a drug store foundation! 

I would not put this under my eyes as it does highlight any fine lines that exist there BUT no problems for the rest of my face. I love this especially around my nose. It is a great product. I really recommend buying the two together if you have problems with dry patches as I did.

EDIT: This product behaves on me in this particular way. However this may behave on you different for example it may not show up fine lines under your eyes. I just wanted to point out different products can have the tendency to behave differently on different people!

NOW I would post a photo up of myself wearing it as a base, but today I feel SO bad & tired and the photos show it and it looks not nice, to put it nicely. Maybe I will update this on a day I am not feeling so bad!


Honestly I could not recommend this enough. I have no problems in the future to keep on buying this stuff. And it has made me want to continuously wear foundation. I have fallen deeply in love!

Bourjois I love you!




  1. I love the concealer for under my eyes, because it covers the dark circles and I don't see that my fine lines would be more obvious :)

  2. Hello Sanja!

    Thankyou for your comment. I have edited this point into the post. I do realise that different products react differently to different people. Thanyou :)

  3. Really helpful review! I've got really bad dry patches at the moment and most foundations seem to cling to them. I may have to try this some time and most people say it glides over dry patches.


  4. Thanks for the detailed review! I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & if you like, following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  5. I need a new concealer - might give this a try :) x

  6. I really want to try those two :)
    Follow you :)

  7. I just bought this foundation last week and am loving it also! I use maybellines bb powder over the top and it looks great.

    Great post :)

  8. Your blog is so cute) Great post!)
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  9. I have this foundation too! Haha, another thing in common. It's my favourite :-) I was going to do a blog post on it but when I was trying to photograph it, I accidentally let it roll over sans lid onto my mum's expensive new duvet cover and leave a nice orangey splodge, whoops! I did have the concealer but didn't repurchase although I did like it. x

  10. my two favourite product too :D I made a post about the concealer a few weeks ago - I love the texture so much! very lovely blog :)


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