Vichy Aqualia Thermale ~ Skin Care Review!

So since it was 3 for 2 in boots I thought I would be naughty and splash out adding even more to my ever growing skin care collection! I wanted to invest in some really hydrating face products as lately I felt my skin getting a tad dehydrated again and so when I came across the Vichy stand, I set my sights on their 'Aqualia Thermal Range'. And oh what a good choice that was! Vichy is normally at the pricey end for boots products! So It gave me such a thrill to get one of them practically for FREE!


Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll on gel

The first thing I set my sights on was this little number! This product is beautiful, a soothing gel designed to reduce and clear puffiness & dark circles under the eyes! The product itself has a metal roller ball applicator which bring instant relief and a cooling touch to the fragile skin under our eyes. I just adore eye products with metal applicators. It allows the gel to be put softly under the eyes without any unneccessary dragging of the skin. All that is needed after application is time to let the product sink in. It is a beautiful product that allows us to be very gentle to our eyes which should hopefully reduce wrinkles in the long run! Fingers crossed. 

I am definately a fan of this eye roll on! It feels fresh, is an easy product to reapply throughout the day and it feels really hydrating to my skin! It is also a PARABEN free range! All round a nice product to own!

Vichy Aqualia Thermal light 48 hour Hydration Cream

This is a cream designed to both hydrate skin and keep it hydrated for 48 hours. Now I do not know about the whole 48 hours thing but I feel that this product does last a good length of time on the skin! It is also a cream designed to comfort and protect our skin against daily aggressions! Living in a big city ~ This is definately essential! 

The formula has a creamy consistancy which when applied sinks in quite thin and a little goes a long way. Whilst this was a pricey little number, you get what you pay for! Let's just say this product won't be going anywhere anytime soon! I just love the feel of this on my skin. I feel that it sinks in so beautifully and feels really luxurious.  The product feels really high quality and smells nice too! Love this stuff!

Vichy Eau Thermal Spa Water

The spa water product is a facial mist spray, used mainly to finish your cleansing routine AKA a toner. But unlike all the other average toners I have used that have practically done nothing for my skin, this feels beautiful on the skin. This is definately my most favourite product from the range. I love the feeling of this being spritzed on your face. It doesn't feel too heavy or too watery and sinks in straight away. I feel this product leaves me with a very beautiful glowing complexion. And I have never said that about a toner in my life! 

 In all of these products, vichy boasts the formula containing 15 rare minerals that are amazing for your skin. And whilst I don't know anything about these minerals I do have to say that I am really happy with this range and I absolutely love it. If you see vichy on 3 for 2, pick up a couple of bits. It brings great pleasure! Trust me!

What is your favourite Toner? Have you tried anything from the Vichy range? 
Let me know!




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  2. I have the eye roll-on and the spa water spray as well! They're both brilliant, though the spa water is waiting for summer.
    My Beauty Junction

  3. I'm currently using product for the La Roche-Posay line but this look like another French skincare line to explore!

    Hazel X

  4. Ah I don't know what I feel about the roll on gel... I have always disliked roll-on products but this eye gel sounds so great!
    I've been eyeing on this moisturizer for a while, you've done a great review :)

    thanks for your lovely comment :)

  5. I loooove roll on gels. Fab and SO gentle to the skin under the eyes!

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