Topshop Highlighter 'Polished'

Topshop Highlighter in 'Polished' Review

 Whilst browsing Topshop, I picked up their 'Glow highlighting Cream' in 'Polished'. I fell in love. I came to the decision that it needed to come home with me pronto!

Topshop Highlighter in Polished Swatch and Review

The Highlighter

This cream based highlighter leans towards a cream colour with golden undertones. Its  fine shimmery finish is packed with iridescent sparkles. If you fear shimmer coming within a mile of your face, do not fear! The shimmer is so finely milled that its barely noticeable. There is just enough to catch the light to give you a besotting glow. The formula is creamy but light and easy to blend. It melts into the skin so beautifully it seems almost natural. And when this catches the light, be prepared to gasp. Its just that stunning. This is a highlighter that will give you an effortless glow. There are no cons with this product. Its easy to use and great if your the sort of person who is always on the go. At £9 I think you have caught yourself a bargain. Wooo! 

This highlighter is cheap, cheerful and packed with shimmery goodness. 


Overall I have a lot of love for this product! 
What did you think of it?



  1. nice colour, regards:)

  2. This is really cute! I only own one highlighter product, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but I'd quite like to try some different ones and this a pretty reasonable price. I have only tried nail varnish by Topshop but I've found that to be good, so I may have to give this a go!

  3. Great review! I think I need to try this now xo

  4. I love the colour of this! It reminds me of Benefit's Moon Beam.

  5. hey there gorgeous.
    i absolutely adore your blog.
    thats why i nominated you for the liebster award <3
    for all the info check out my blog post!

  6. OOh, this looks lovely!!! I'm obsessed with trying new beauty products!!! I really like your blog!!! :) Give mine a peek too if you get a chance :)

  7. i love that highlighter i just wear on its onw some times hey i followed you would you mind following me back?
    thank you xoxox

  8. Omgsh I love this product. Not too expensive either. Have you tried the topshop highlighting powder? Thats quite good too :)


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