April Favourites

I am struck by how quickly April has come and gone, but here I am, back with those beauty favourites of mine. And I have a bucket load to show you. Get ready for some thrilling finds...

Korres Lip Butter in 'Wild Rose'  £8

First up is this gorgeous tinted lip butter from Korres. This range is so nice, I think you will want to snap one of these up pronto. They are ideal for the hand bag when your on the go - Easy to work with & fuss free. They don't slip onto the teeth and their range of colours is incredible. Oh la la. These are supposed to be sheer, but the colour is pretty strong for a sheer finish. I love that it doesn't lack in colour. Its not going to be a lip butter that does nothing to change the colour of your lips. These are bold and very beautiful. 'Wild Rose' is a very gorgeous plum like pink. It really is a colour that packs a punch. A nice lip product to have on the go with you. Whats more is that these are far from drying. They are buttery and smooth out chapped lips quite easily. Give these a go

Erase Paste by Benefit   £20.50

This is one of my all time favourite concealers. And recently I have been using it non stop. Its just that good. This is on the thicker end of concealers but its not drying at all. Dry skin do not fear - This stuff is moisturising. It has the consistency of a paste, so it takes a bit longer to work into the skin. For some reason this stuff works miracles on dark circles. It has a good medium coverage, perfect for my dark circles. I just love popping this stuff on under the eyes. Even though its quite a thick product, it feels so light on the skin its incredible. The fact it is quite thick, means its quite a sturdy product that has a bit of grip - This stuff stays put. The only problem I have with this, is the lack of many shades. They really don't have many to choose from, so if your interested in buying one see if it matches your skin tone first!

Crazy Rumours Lip Balm in 'Orange juice'  £3.50

I do have a review of the range here. But I have been grabbing at this so much its ridiculous. This particular one has been living in my pocket. It goes everywhere with me. And the smell - Oooh I love it SO much. These lip balms are so much fun. They have a range of funny flavours to choose from like gingerbread, lemonade and mint chocolate chip. These are available at Holland & Barrett. 

Khiels Avocado Eye Cream   £20

I have recently written about these two particular eye creams but I could not let them stand to the side whilst the monthly favourites were here.  If your looking for a very good eye cream, this is the one to turn to. If you have a lot on your plate or get a lot of exposure to the sun, this will be right up your alley. It works to inject life back into the skin around your eyes. Its a very thick yellow eye cream - but do no let that deter you. It means the product takes longer to sink into the skin. I would suggest this as a night treatment rather than something to slap on and go out. It can be quite greasy whilst it dries. But it does a fantastic job. I have noticed the skin around my eyes getting stronger, if that is possible. The lines are getting softer and the skin looks less sallow. Signs of exhaustion are more or less gone with this product. 

Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Eye Cream   £22

This is a wonderful eye cream to start your day with. I picked this up for two reasons. Firstly to protect my eyes from the sun. I worry about the damage sun can do to our skin long term. So I like to keep them protected. This eye cream in particular has an SPF of 15. Its not common for eye creams to have SPF within their formulas, but this puts me at ease. Secondly this eye cream has a lot of Hyaluronic acid inside of the formula. And that makes my collagen very happy. Hyaluronic acid tends to help with collagen production, which keeps the skin nice and strong. The cream is very moisturising but dries quickly, not leaving behind a greasy feeling. Its a product that is dear to my heart. 


What do you think of my favourites? And what has been rocking your world this month? Let me know.



  1. I have to try that Kiehl's eye cream out, it sounds perfect for me. I adore the Korres Lip Butters too, although my Sephora stopped stocking them so I couldn't pick up any more shades (I only have Pomegranate). The Korres Mango Butter Lipsticks are also quite good too!


  2. enjoy to read yours. check out mine too. no one can resist the Kiehl

  3. Great favourites!
    thank you for this lovely post!
    Nice to discover new products!
    Have a fab weekend!


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