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Recently, rather then having my jewellery tucked away in little boxes, hidden under lids in little pots and things, I decided to bring my dressing table to life and pop a few jewellery bits on display. It was time to shake up the way I stored my jewellery and give it a bit of a revamp. Oooh the fun! 

There are quite a few ideas you can play with when it comes to storing your jewellery and it does take a bit of rooting around the home sections of shops to find what you want. And whilst jewellery is typically meant to be kept in a box of some sort - It doesn't hurt to get creative and pop a few bits out on display. It just brings a bit of spice to your room. Its time to spice up that dressing table of yoursWhether your interested in the acrylic Muji drawers that Muji has to offer or some lavish one of a kind trays to set your jewellery out on, there will always be something

When I popped into TKMAXX, I saw this simple but beautiful soap dish. And I thought 'Oooh, my rings would sit nicely in there'. At £3.99 its a very good deal. Dishes and trays can look so good on a dressing table with a few bits of your favourite jewellery laid out. TKMAXX is a good one for hunting out a special something for that dressing table of yours. I love buying home ware from there. They have an amazing selection of everything! 

Thought I would come at you with a little post to inspire you with your dressing table. Its short. Its sweet. But I hope you liked it!


How do you store your jewellery? Any tips? Do share them. 



  1. This is a really good idea, I love your rings :) xx

  2. Your rings are so pretty! Thanks for the great idea :)

  3. Who would have thought! So cool , I've got so many jewelries that need a home so this tip will come in handy. Thanks for sharing this.

    by the way I love your blog....x

  4. This is a great idea and looks awesome. I use sliver mug trees to hang my necklaces and dangley earrings on.
    Beth x


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