Models Own Nail Polish Duos Review

A bit of fun has landed onto the blog this week with some snazzy nail polish duos that I picked up from the Models Own stand. My eyes landed on these jazzy little gems and all I saw was glitter. Spectacular amounts of glitter. And what do you know? Before I knew it I had bought them! Introducing you to these fun little finds of mine - Models Own Nail Polish Duos...

Nail Polishes from TOP to BOTTOM: Betty Blue, Jade Stone & Utopia.
Nail Polish Duo Combinations from TOP to BOTTOM: Betty Blue & Freak Out | Jade Stone & Snow Flake | Utopia & Indian Ocean.
Blogger Problems: I chipped my nails shortly before this photoshoot - TWICE! Which makes my nails look so interesting! GAAAAH. Anyone else feel my pain? Anyway - do forgive the chip, its been bugging me. But do slide your eyes over to this magnificent colour. Doesn't it look charming?! 


When it comes to application, I suffer no issues at all. Its like talking a walk in the park. The brush isn't half bad. In fact its very easy to work with. It doesn't give me any trouble and precision with this is not a mission either. Its thin enough to be precise when you want to be, but big enough that it doesn't take forever to coat your nails. 


 The formulas of these are impressive too. What I like to call the Base coats, are in fact a lot glossier then what I thought they would be. They don't lack shine nor are they dull and drab. Forget throwing a glossy coat over these! If you want to wear this alone, then you will do just fine without them. I do recommend you give these pots a good shake before use though, because if not, the outcome can be slightly patchy. Its not very noticeable but if your fussy with your nails - I recommend a shake. All base coats can very easily be worn alone. 

The Topcoats are what gives this range an edge. A very fun edge at that. Models own have really thought out this range. You can tell that no two topcoats are the same and there isn't one in this range that is boring. In fact they are all so original that I want to buy the entire range! I love a snazzy topcoat, especially when they give your nails a bit of fun! These are even more glossy then the base coat range. Ooh la la. 

The DUOS. 

Artstix Duo 'Betty Blue' & 'Freak Out' Topcoat

If your looking to put the fun factor into your nails, you have come to the right place.

 Betty Blue - is a very gorgeous deep bold blue that can be worn very easily on its own. If your all for a bold colour that screams fierce, the shade Betty Blue will do that for you. This shade does a nice job on its own. Its matte finish doesn't lack shine either. Its not dull or drab, in fact for a matte polish it still remains rather glossy. This polish literally screams the word 'Boss'. The blue is not a bore either. Its navy with a very nice ocean like edge. Just look at that marvellous colour. 

Freakout - If you swipe that snazzy topcoat over the top of Betty Blue, be prepared for some fireworks, because this coat is a game changer. 'Freakout' practically oozes the word glossy. Its shiny thick gel like coat sits very nicely on the nails - You would be surprised at how glossy this topcoat really is. What makes the topcoat so flipping fantastic is its combination of sequin glitter flakes in the polish. Its edgy and its glam. What more do you need? I love that this shade contains a mix of rich colours all different shapes and sizes. Its fun and its exciting - Don't you think?

Artstix duo 'Jade Stone' & 'Snowflakes' Topcoat

If your looking to go summer and splash on the colour, this is a good couple of shades you should be swinging your eyes over to. 

Jade Stone - This is a very lovely apple green like shade. It screams fresh. It screams mint. And its a colour you could just stare at for ages. Am I exaggerating? Absolutely not! If you are a fan of mint greens this will be right up your street. Its glossy and so pretty, it will be a shade you won't regret picking up. Just look at that colour!

Snowflakes - This is not a topcoat I have every come across before. Its stunning. It feels like you have got a bit of cinderella on your nails. Within this gorgeous glossy top coat lies fragments of silver mirror like pieces. Its not only pretty, its edgy too. And whats more is that its unique. You won't be able to find anything quite like this out on the market. Wearing this is fun too. Because its such an original topcoat, its just a thrill to wear. 

Artstix duo 'Utopia' & 'Indian Ocean' Topcoat

If your looking to go for a very magical look, oh boy have you come to the right place! This combination is definitely a difficult one to peel your eyes away from!

Utopia - This is a very beautiful pastel purple. Again a nice colour to go for in the spring time. Its a fresh and calming shade that just makes me think of fields of pretty flowers. I love pastel colours when the weather warms up. This is light and refreshing. A nice touch for your nails. 

Indian Ocean - This topcoat is just fascinating to look at. It honestly makes me gape. I am awed by how beautiful it looks. When you pop this over the top of Utopia, your nails look like you have dipped them into a bowl of magic. They look magical. Very fairytale princess if I do say so myself. Indian ocean is a very lovely pale cloudy blue topcoat rammed with pink glitter. The contrast of the two colours just makes this polish very unique and very beautiful. This is a duo that will get you hooked! 


What do you think of the range? Which duo has your attention? Do spill the beans. 



  1. I do like it, it makes the nails look prettier. I also like the colors of the nailpolishes, they are really a must-have! :)



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