Ark Skincare Review

Ark Skin Care - What is it?

Ark Skin Care is a brand that focuses on treating your skin through your age rather then your skin type. Intriguing right? They believe in treating your skin by its age benefits your skin more in the long run. Whilst they have three categories to choose from, I went on to test out four products from the 'Age Prepare' range. And I was very interested to see the results. 

Age Prepare Skin Vitality Moisturiser 

This was a pleasure to use. Its hard to find a moisturiser that quenches the thirst of my skin without leaving it greased up like crazy. Moisturisers for me need to be light but actually work. If it doesn't work, it gets binned! Not only does this smell amazing, but it feels like it is bathing my skin in hydration. The good thing about this is that it dries quickly too - which means no greasy left overs! Your more likely to break out with a greasy moisturiser! The consistency of this is pleasing - thin but cooling. It melts like butter into the skin. Ooh la la. 

Age Prepare Skin Clear Cleanser

This is quite unlike the usual oil based cleansers that I tend to turn to. Instead I'd class this as a cleanser that looks, feels and smells exactly like liquid soap. This cleanser is far from any kind of oil or milk based cleansers, sweep that from your mind! Its a clear, thick and gooey gel that honestly feels like soap in liquid form. However Ark Skincare stress that this is an antimicrobial 'Soap-Free' Cleanser that clears impurities without stripping or drying our skin. Sounds perfect right? Whilst it says its soap free, I cannot help but think of this as a liquid soap! When your using this product to cleanse your skin, it behaves exactly like when your washing your hands with soap! It lathers when it comes into contact with water and behaves very similarly. Whilst I trust it is soap free, I just don't think it is suitable for my skin type, which is dry - I think it dries my skin out slightly. I do think this would benefit people with normal or oily skin types more. Make up removal wise, it does a good job. It even cracks the tough old Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara. A lot of cleansers fail to get this off properly. The only thing it has trouble removing is eyeliner. And it your a fan of black, make sure to double cleanse! 

Age Prepare Skin Refining Exfoliator

I was a bit wary of this product, I will be honest. I had my doubts. Exfoliators tend to hate me. My skin loathes them! As a sensitive soul, I react quite badly to any sort of scrub on my face. I was shocked to find the beads are very small and also very gentle. They do not feel like they are grating your skin alive nor do they feel like they are tearing your skins barrier in anyway. Its quite a pleasure to use actually. I did however find my skin breaking out. This has a lot of essential oils, which again my sensitive skin loathes. However for someone with more tolerant skin who wishes to experience the joys of a gentle exfoliator that leaves skin feels super soft - this may be something for you to try. 

Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque

This typically acts like a clay mask. Its designed to absorb excess oils from our skin and clear it all up. Sounds ideal right? Like a clay mask, it starts to absorb into the skin, hardening with time. But instead of leaving your skin left feeling super dry, this actually leaves your skin feeling delightfully quite moisturised! When you think of the term 'absorbing excess oils from your skin', it sounds like it could leave your skin feeling as dry as a bone. With this mask its not the case at all. It leaves impressive results: Soft, lightly moisturised skin with a radiant complexion. Its a mask that makes me happy. However, again its filled with essential oils, which makes this an 'occasional' mask. Oh well. Its still works wonders! 


Overall the range was quite intriguing to try. I love the concept behind the skin care range in which they attempt to give our skin what it needs through its age. It sounds very scientific and again very snazzy. It was definitely a pleasure to give this a go. However this is not really a range that would suit those with very sensitive skin. My skin has reacted slightly to these products. Its loaded with essential oils. And whilst essential oils are actually very good for the skin, some people (like me) can react quite badly to them. They irritate my skin. I wish they would work wonders for me, but my skin just hates essential oils. Those who are looking to mix up and change their skin care routine, should look into this brand. They really do know their stuff! I definitely have my eye on their purifying mask. Oh the wonders it works! 


What do you think of this range? Anyone tried anything from it?


* These were sent to me for review. However the opinions are my own. 

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