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It just so happened that my birthday landed on a Monday. I was a little stumped at how to celebrate it. So last Monday, I decided to celebrate my birthday outing with Olivia from the blog Beauty from the Fjord. From a photo shoot at Hyde Park to raiding the beauty sales at Harrods, we had plenty of fun. Let me spill all the beans...

Olivia's AMAZING photography skills. Lets praise her please. She caught the light SO nicely in this photo. 

We were lucky enough to be graced with beautiful weather during our little day out in one of the classiest neighbourhoods in London. We started off our morning in Hyde Park, where we took part in photo shoots for our blog. If you want to see that photo shoot drop your eyes to the post below this one! Doing a photo shoot in a public place was very unusual. We got looks. Lots of looks. But it was an absolute blast! 

In the early afternoon we walked over to Knightsbridge, a neighbourhood famous for its fancy shops, gorgeous little restaurants and most importantly Harrods itself. Oh yeah. We raided the sales. And what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I hadn't bagged myself a thing or two! All will be revealed at a later date… Ooh the mystery. And we finished our day at a little Pizza Express that was parked on a quiet side street with its front windows wide open. It was so picturesque. And I will be going back there again soon! Of course I got a pizza. It was an AMAZING way to celebrate my birthday! Thanks Olivia. 


What do you think of my monday birthday celebrations? Do tell. 



  1. Ah you both look so lovely :D

  2. Bagging some sale items from Harrods sounds pretty much like the perfect way to spend a birthday!


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