How to wear a Bold Lip

How to wear a bold lip

Today I am throwing out five rules on 'how to rock a bold lip'. Everyone can wear a bright, bold & colourful lip. You may think you can't, but its all about finding the shade that suits you. I am here to give you a few tips to help you along your journey to wearing bright lipstick...

Be Confident. 

Its all about baby steps. Work your way up to the big bold lip. Start with sheer lipsticks and work your way up. With time, you will be able to find the confidence to wear it. There is no need to rush. Its all about learning to be comfortable with it. If your the sort of girl to not wear any bright lipstick at all - I challenge you to wear it on your next trip to your local corner shop. Baby steps. 

Explore your colour options. 

If you just don't suit a classic red lip at all, look at different shades of red. My first red lipstick had pink undertones. And to this day, I still love it. Play with different shades and undertones when searching for a lipstick. You may surprise yourself with what you can pull off. You need to learn what kind of shades suit you and your complexion. 

Lip Liners. 

These are your greatest weapon. They are so handy and so underestimated. Use them to create the perfect lip shape and it will make your lips look even more flawless. The perfect shape can do a lot to make you appreciate them more. 

Don't go overboard.

If your going heavy on the lip go light on the rest of the face. A nice bit of liquid liner followed by some mascara and a light wash of blush is the way to go. Sometimes a lot of colour can be too much! Leave the clown look behind.

Make it budge proof. 

If your scared of it sliding all over your face. Add a light dusting of powder to your lips and then coat them with lipstick. This will keep your lipstick in place. Also make sure you have no lipstick on the inside of your lips. That is how lipstick on teeth situations happen. 


Do you like to wear bright lipsticks? If not, does this help?
Do let me know. 




  1. Amazing tips! Going to take note of them next time I'll try a bold lip colour! :) xx

  2. I love wearing bold colours and agree with everything you've said :)! xx

  3. Great tips, I love wearing bold lips, it's such a confidence boost :)

  4. I love to rock a bold lip, especially during summer since there are so many colour options! I always always wear a lip liner when I'm wearing a bold lip if I'm going to be eating, otherwise things can get pretty messy!

  5. Thanks for the tips. I love a bright coral lip!

  6. I love this post! Thanks for the round up because I barely ever wear bright colours on my lips, or even my eyes, I've only just started branching away from the neutral eye look and opting for colours like a dusky purple in the crease but I'm feeling adventurous lately :)

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  9. Good advice. I enjoyed this post because I love wearing bold lips. #bookmarked!!!

  10. Love bright lipsticks and lip glosses.
    interesting post!

  11. Amazing tips, I love this post and will use this wisely when I finally buy Lady Danger by Mac


  12. Great guide! I always wear a bold lip, it would seem that you'd need a lot of confidence to wear a bold lip colour but it actually GIVES ME confidence. The bolder the better! I wore MAC's Rebel today. I just adore it <3

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  13. Lovely guide! I don't often wear a bold lip, because I'm just not confidant enough. But when I do I always think, why do I never wear this? I feel so much more confidant with a bold, bright lip! This guide helped me even further :)

  14. great tips luved them

  15. Nadja, this lip color is SO GORGEOUS! I am wearing bold (mostly red) lipstick all the time and I totally agree with your tip on not overdoing eyes while wearing red lipstick. However, I do underestimate the lip liner. I have been using red lipstick for so long that I prefer to applying it without looking in a mirror! :)


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