The Beauty Bag: September

September has arrived and the make up bag has been mixed up and changed in time for Autumns arrival. I thought I would give you nosey parkers a little sneak peak into some recent make up staples that haven't left the make up bag at all. Lets get cracking…

Oxygenetix 'Oxygenating' Foundation  |  Link 

I have never found a high coverage foundation that has managed to sit nicely on top of my dry, red skin. Until now. This 'Oxygenating Foundation' is light and feels like air on the skin. You practically feel nothing. Application is nice too. Its easy to work with and blends very nicely into the skin. If you are having trouble with redness or dry patches, this is a foundation which you will have no trouble using. The formula does not crumble over dry patches and the coverage is high enough to cover all of those pesky red blotches that lurk on your face. Its been my every day go to for a while now. I also find the formula to be very long lasting - Throughout the day, it does not fade. It stays put until your ready to take it off. The only down side for this amazing foundation is the price. It carries a bit of a sting. But it has made miracles happen for my skin. 

Korres 'Wild Rose' Lip Butter  |  Link

This is a very well loved product and since Autumn has come flooding in through my doors I have felt the need to vamp up the lips. But as I have been very much on the go for London Fashion Week, I have had to rely on products that are easy to apply and not a diva to wear. Hence this little lip butter moving on into my make up bag. If you have never had the pleasure of trying these before, then you really need to. The formulas are moisturising and light. They coat your lips in a sheer wash of colour and truly give you that perfect pout. It looks like you have tried hard but you haven't. Easy and fuss free. 

Dolly Wink Eyeliner |  Link

This felt tip eyeliner is AMAZING. If you have small eyes then you will know what the pains of finding a liner skinny enough to draw on nice fine lines. When the eyeliner is drawn on too thick on the upper lids - It swallows up your lids and makes you look funny. So I am always on the hunt to find a pen eyeliner with a skinny nib. And boy have I found one. Dolly Wink is incredible. It draws jet black fine lines ever so easily over the lids and its very easy to work with. I would invest in one of these. They come in very handy. 

Revlon Lip Crayon in 'Crush'  |  Link

I have recently talked about this and I have to say, Its been glued to my side. I love a good fuss free lip product that makes the lips look amazing. And this does that job just fine. I have been addicted to the plum sort of colours lately and I must say this has been marvellous if you want a jazzy lip that is fuss free to maintain. Also its moisturising formula helps to keep chapped lips at bay. What more does a girl need?! 


Whats your most loved make up products this month?
I would love recommendations. 



  1. what a great tag! I love this season, the berry lipsticks are coming out now! LOL the Korres lip butter looks promising - I may have a look into that, thanks for sharing x

    Shanna |

  2. The Korres Wild Rose lip butter looks amazing - I'd never heard of it before!!

    Beauty & The Bird | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  3. I personally love the Revlon Kissable Lip Crayons! Thanks for sharing beautiful!


  4. I've never heard of that foundation before but it sounds like a good one! Love the lip colours you have here, so perfect for autumn and of course the eyeliner is a must in the colder months x

    Beauty with charm

  5. The Korres Wild Rose lip butter looks stunning, definitely a product I would love to try out!

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  7. I really want to try the Korres lip butters. That shade looks lovely.


  8. I haven't tried the oxigenetics foundation yet but will probably do so soon, since you said you use it daily :). Also been looking at the Korres Lip Butters today, not sure which one to get though.


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