The Lancome Liquid Cushion Compact

Lancome Miracle Cushion Compact Foundation Review

Lancome has recently introduced a Cushion Compact Foundation inspired by Korean cosmetics. As a blogger who is always keen on exploring a new trend, I thought I would give it a try… 

The Miracle Cushion Compact is in basic terms a light foundation that sits within a cushion. The cushion comes in the form of a compact, accompanied by a make up puff. This is a foundation that I love very much. It is just a very easy to use, effortless product. The coverage of the foundation is light but buildable. The formula is thin, cooling and hydrating enough to sit on dry skin. The product leaves you with a beautiful healthy glowing finish. Forget looking too shiny, Lancome gets it just right! The product sits comfortably on the skin, feeling light, breathable and like an extra layer of skin. 

Applying this foundation with the make up puff allows for a small amount of foundation to be applied to the skin. This is a beauty tool that gives you a perfect finish. I love applying my foundation with this puff; Its easy to use, works the product quickly into the skin and leaves your foundation looking flawless. Altogether this product has seriously won me over. My skin looks stunning with this product. Its a foundation that I recommend to everyone for the summer! 


What are your thoughts on Cushion Foundations?
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  1. I love Korean Cosmetics and my favorite brand is Missha :) Wanna try this compact and your review on that encouraged me :) Waiting you on my blog too I am also writing in English ;)

  2. Lovely review :) This product looks amazing and anything inspired by Korean Makeup is always of interest to me. The whole concept looks fab and I'm so glad that the actual formula and finish is awesome too. x

    Miss Beauty Saver

  3. I am so curious about it...I would like to try it!

  4. I keep seeing reviews popping up on this foundation and it sounds just as intriguing as it looks! I haven't dabbled much into Lancome, or Korean makeup for that matter, but it may be time I start!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective


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