Fat Face Stocking Fillers

Fat Face have brought out some beautiful bath & body gift sets this Christmas. I thought I would introduce you to my favourites - Prepare to swoon

The 'Cosmetic Bag Set' from Fat Face is a great present to find in your stocking. The cosmetic bag has a beautiful floral print on the outside and is a rather decent size - perfect for travelling with. Inside of this bag you recieve four products including a hand lotion, a body mist, a lipbalm that comes in a stunning tin and a nail file. Whilst Fat Face are not well known for their bath & body range, they certainly did a lovely job. This entire set feels expensive and of good quality. Each product comes with beautiful packaging - Prepare to swoon. This would make a really nice present for family and friends. 

The 'Mini Scented Reed Diffuser Set' from Fat Face is something every girl would love. Inside of this set you recieve three beautiful Reed Diffusers, each one carries a different scent: 'Fresh Linen', 'Lavender' & 'Vanilla Creme'. The packaging is once a again well thought out and beautiful. This set feels expensive. The size of each bottle is by no means 'mini'. The amount in each Reed Diffuser is actually decent. I am also loving each scent - 'Vanilla Creme' is my favourite. Overall it is a lovely little set to give someone to warm their home. I think everyone would be happy to recieve this. I have a feeling my sister wants to sneak this from me! 

Last but not least, these 'Bath Fizzers' from Fat Face are great stocking fillers. There are three crackers with beautiful floral prints in each set. The crackers are so enchanting, I do not want to open them. This would make a great addition to a stocking. It is something fun and quirky for your friends or family to enjoy. Bath Fizzers hidden inside of Christmas Crackers - Can it get any cuter? Nope.

* In Collaboration with Fat Face 

What are your favourite pieces from Fat Face?
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  1. Love the look of the reed diffuser set! Perfect for a little stocking filler :)

  2. I work at boots and we have a whole range! So perfect for crimbo x



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