Blogging Goals for 2016

Can anyone else believe its 2016?! I feel like a whole year just flew by. 2016 offers everyone a fresh start. I thought I would kick things off by sharing my Beauty & Blogging Goals for 2016… 

Posting Schedules.

I aim to post every other day. I have had a nice break from the blog over the festive season. But now I am back providing you all with a lot of fun blog posts to read. Be prepared… 

Make Instagram my own. 

I love Instagram, but I often forget to use it. At some point this January I will challenge myself to Instagram Daily. I believe it will be a fun way put my stamp on my Instagram. My Instagram photos will all relate to all things beauty & Lifestyle. And will include sneak peeks of any Blogger Events I do attend. Find me on Instagram and say hi.

Use Pinterest More.

Over Christmas I somehow found myself on Pinterest a lot of the time. Once your on Pinterest, its kind of addictive. I aim to use this as a platform in 2016 to inspire bloggers to be creative and use it to promote my blog. Hop on over and have a look at some of my boards. I am rather proud of it! 

Attend More Blogging Events. 

In 2015 I was given the chance to attend all sorts of amazing blogging events. From Urban Decay to The Balm Cosmetics, I am thrilled to have been invited. I would love to continue going to Blogging events this year too. These events are a great way of being introduced to a brand and it provides you with an opportunity to socialise with other bloggers. I have made quite a few friends at these blogging events. For 2016, I would love to write more blog posts about the events themselves. Its a fun way of introducing you to some amazing brands. 

Write more Life Style Posts.  

In 2016 I aim to turn this blog into a Beauty & Lifestyle blog. Whilst I have started to attempt this in 2015, this year I would love to throw in a mix of Home Decor & Stationery themed posts. I like a blog that offers a variety to its readers. I am hoping this blog will offer you the same throughout the course of this year. 

Throw old make up away. 

Old make up can make your skin suffer. Think red ANGRY Spots. I try to throw out old make up a lot, however this year I want to find the time to separate the old from the new. It gives you an excuse to buy some more make up!


Name your Resolutions or Goals for 2016. 
Pop your thoughts below. 



  1. I'm trying to Instagram daily and I find some days I love it and others I just hate the idea! You've got some great goals here, I hope you achieve them all!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  2. Fab post lovely, I really got back into Instagram in 2015 and want to continue this year doing the same :) I want to attend more blogging events also and that sounds amazing that you got to attend UD and The Balm events :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  3. I'm also trying to stick to posting schedules this year too - I love blogging :) xo

    Char |


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