6 Tips for Dry Skin

Winter is the season where dry skin becomes a big problem. Think about foundation meeting dry, flakey skin - Its awful. So here are some tips that I have picked up along the way to manage dry skin… 

Luke Warm Showers

Hot Showers are one of the causes of dry skin. Leaving your skin exposed to a hot shower several times a week is not good news. Instead have a lukewarm shower. Its difficult because the weather is cold - I know. But the benefits are worth it in the long run.

Things to stay away from. 

Stay away from soap. Soap can strip the oils from the skin very quickly. Stop using any products that are designed to strip oils away from the skin like foam cleansers. Finally wear SPF because Sun Damage does a whole lot for causing your skin to become dry & flakey.  

Keep Hydrated.

This is an obvious one but water is the key. Dehydration shows up in your skin! Drink as much water as you can to keep your skin looking glowing and in good condition. 


Everyone should be exfoliating their skin to peel away dead skin cells. By stripping your skin of dead skin you are allowing the moisture to absorb into the area. Its an effective way of treating dry skin.  

Room Humidifiers 

Room Humidifiers are a great way of soothing dry skin. A combination of cold weather and central heating in winter can lead to dry skin and sensitivity. Room Humidifiers work to put moisture back into the air. You wake up with your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. Say goodbye to flakey skin. 

A Wet Towel

You may be thinking 'What on earth…?', but hold those horses. In Korea a wet towel is a huge weapon against dry skin. You can use a wet towel in two different ways to treat the skin. The first is to hang the towel near to where you sleep. This is supposed to act similar to a room humidifier, so if your a little lacking on the pennies then maybe this could do the trick. Secondly, throw a lukewarm wet towel over your face and leave it there. It should open up your pores and hydrate your skin in the process.


Name your tips for dry skin. 
Spill your thoughts below… 


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  1. Hi!I'm a new follower :). I like your blog and your photos.
    Very useful tips. For my skin I use only cream cleansers, I have a very sensitive skin...


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