Four Beauty Hacks

I love a good shortcut, especially if it is related to beauty. Here are 4 beauty hacks to make your life a whole lot easier! Your welcome… 

'Keep your hair in place'

This is an old beauty trick, but one that I always rely on to keep my hair in place! Bobby Pins are useful little things, easy to loose but great for pinning your hair back. But as the day goes on those bobby pins slide out and you end up with a 'very messy hair day'. The best way to use bobby pins is to spray it with a good hair spray. They stay put for a lot longer and you end your day with nice hair. Good news all round!

'Keep your Lipstick in place'

This is a tip that is great for keeping your lipstick in place. One way of keeping your lipstick from smudging or fading too quickly is to apply a fine powder to your lips beforehand. Sometimes I will dust a light layer of face powder to my lips and then apply my lipstick on top of it. It works a treat! This makes your lipstick fuss free. Lets celebrate! 

'Fix smudged eye make up in public

We have all been there. Make up smudging underneath your eyes is nothing new. But rather then tugging at your under eye area with a bit of water try this little trick. Apply a hand cream or an actual face cream underneath the eye. The natural oils within the cream will break down and remove the make up just like a cleanser. Its a quick and easy fix for when you are out and about! 

'Apply nail polish without painting your skin too'

Vaseline is your best friend when it comes to painting your nails. Apply a bit of vaseline around the nails and paint away. When you are ready to wipe the vaseline away, the nail polish around the nail should come away pretty easily too! I love this trick. 


What is your 'go to' beauty hack?
Throw your thoughts down below! 



  1. Omg these tips are life saving, I've never thought of hairspraying bobby pins! Genius. :)

  2. These are good tips! My beauty hack has to be to get the right shade for my brows i sometimes use a matte eyeshadow x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. That Vaseline one sounds amazing! That's probably my biggest problem, being messy around the nails. Thanks for all the tips!

  4. Amazing tips chick!! Love your blog

    CharlotteSamantha //


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