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Lately I have had hospital appointments left, right and centre and a small but painful surgery on my mole! I thought I would welcome you all back with a Verdict on a selection of exciting make up products… 

The 'Positively Radiant CC Cream' from Aveeno is the first make up item I have seen to be launched from this particular brand. Aveeno is a skincare brand that focuses on soothing and hydrating dry & Sensitive skin. So I was surprised to see a CC Cream standing in their range. This Colour Correcting cream is oil free, Hypoallergenic & noncomedogenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. In terms of coverage, this is pretty decent. It manages to hide the red areas of my skin rather well. The consistency of this CC Cream is quite thick, but is easy to apply and sheer out with your fingertips. It feels nice and light on your skin not too heavy or uncomfortable. The Positively Radiant CC Cream is brightening, helping to give your complexion a fresh, healthy looking glow. The CC Cream offers decent sun protection with an SPF of 30. So for those of you who are looking for a light base with decent coverage and protection from the sun, give this one ago! 

The 'CC Colour Corrector' from Max Factor is a green concealer in the form of a crayon. If your prone to redness in your skin like me, this is quite a nice product. The colour Corrector Stick acts as a concealer for red areas of skin. Just apply the product lightly onto red areas and pat gently with the tips of your finger. Once you have blended it in you can apply some foundation over the top of it. Whilst the CC stick does a great job at providing coverage, it is a fiddly one to use. Don't apply too much - The concealer may show through your foundation. Also don't apply over very dry, flakey patches of skin, it becomes messy if you do. However for those of you who are pessimistic about this particular product, it works for me! 

The 'Light me up Liquid Highlighter' from Barry M has me in two minds. This is a liquid highlighter designed to lift up the skin and bring out your inner glow. The consistency of this highlighter is thick, acting a bit like a paste. If you warm it up a little on the tips of your fingers, its easy to apply. The pigmentation of this product is unbelievably strong - A very LITTLE goes a loooooooong way. Trust me on this one! I would dab the tiniest amount onto my skin using my fingers. Whilst it says its sheer, to me it is quite opaque in colour & finish, so use a very tiny amount of this product. Once it is applied the skin looks healthy, fresh and it glows beautifully. The colour of the highlighter is a rich nude champagne shade. So I love the finish but find the application a little tricky. Its a bit of a drama queen this one! 


What is your Go to product this month?
Let me know if you would like to read more of these. 


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  1. I had no idea that Aveeno had a CC cream! Would love to give it a go.

    Emily xo


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